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Bust up old electronics for a good cause at Victory Baptist Church

Claire Cudahy
The youth group at Victory Baptist Church in Fallon is hosting a unique fundraiser this August.
Provided / Steve Miller

Ever had the urge to take your frustration out on that glitchy computer or irritatingly inconsistent TV? Next month at Victory Baptist Church you can — and it’s for a good cause.

On Aug. 11, the church’s youth group is hosting a fundraiser that, for a small donation, allows participants to bash on a whole slew of old electronics — everything from kitchen appliances and flat screens to vacuum cleaners and printers.

“Anyone who wants to can choose from an assortment of destructive implements like baseball bats, crowbars, sledgehammer, pickaxe, golf club, metal pipe, you name it,” said Pastor Steve Miller.

Miller said the youth group has collected at least two truckloads of goods thanks to donations from across the Fallon community, including businesses like Out of Egypt Thrift Store, WT AutoSales, and Lahontan Glass.

“A&K Earthmovers donated all of the safety equipment for people to wear,” said Miller. “And Louie’s ACE Hardware donated a scissor lift so people can go up in the sky 30 feet or so and throw off the edge down below to the ground a TV or another electronic.”

The City of Fallon also donated a dumpster for the cleanup.

“It started out as a small thing to have fun with the kids and it’s been growing and growing and turned into quite the operation,” added Miller.

The funds raised from the event will be used to pay for different activities and field trips for the youth group throughout the year.

“The biggest thing is the annual youth conference at a church in California,” said Miller. “Dozens of churches from across the region come together, and we’ve seen this conference change their lives.”

The fundraiser will take place in the parking lot of 2105 W. Williams Ave. The event will start around 8 a.m. and go until 2-3 p.m. — or “until everything’s destroyed,” said Miller with a laugh.