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Busy fixing things

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Thinking back, my son Doug and I realized that after living in a residence — with all new appliances — after ten years a lot of things are going to break down. Of course they do, the ‘john’s seat” an example.

Thanks to my son and his kit that holds a ton of tools, the toilet seats were replaced. However, that one situation became a chain of problems that usually happen in bunches. The list goes on. One of our neighbors has had to replace her hot water heater three times while living in her home the same amount of time as us, in the same identical unit as ours.

When we were having problems with our hot water heater, before it became serious, we got a new one. However, that wasn’t the end of the trail Next, I realize that having a dysfunctional dishwasher isn’t all that terrible. This old lady remembers that her “dishwasher” was a basketball team of sons. Like everybody else I had gotten used to this modern appliance when the inside racks turned ugly, rusty, etc.

We ordered new racks. Just check out the cost, friends, it was ridiculous. Okay, when they got yucky again, we decided we weren’t going to spend another dime on the thing and got a new dishwasher. Wow, I thought, this is great. Then the icemaker in the refrigerator broke. I cried; you know – if you’ve read my column – how I love my ice maker. I was born in 1924 and remember those ice cube tray things.

Ever check what it costs to repair an ice maker? That appliance also had a couple of not very steady shelves and was hitting that “let’s get a new one” era. So we checked around and found a really great deal. Picking out a new unit was easy, and we waited for delivery. The day it was to arrive came and surprise, they’d brought the wrong unit.

It was way too wide to fit the space.

This refrigerator was a lot more expensive than we’d ordered. So it went back, and we waited. Then Doug got an idea. Since he’d received a great line of credit and no interest for a year, why not get a new stove? Ours had seen better days, one burner fought being turned on and the broiler didn’t work. Wow, I thought, a new stove too, how lucky can you get.

Now the new stove came first. I was thrilled. When the plumber who installed it left, I looked the new stove over. It didn’t have a broiler rack. Off to the “call the company” races. This model doesn’t include a rack. Well, what the heck we asked, how about you save us the rack from our old stove and we’d come and pick it up. All was set.

Yesterday our new refrigerator came. Bless the young men who brought it. It arrived with the broiler rack from our old stove all wrapped up in plastic. Well, enough on that topic, now on to my “crewel” designs. Somebody recently asked me exactly what crewel designs are. Crewel is the word used when you take a piece of material and embroider a design on it, have it framed and hang it like a regular picture.

For years you could find crewel kits at a lot of hobby stores. Now the only ones I seem to be able to find are what they call “cross-stitch.” When I first began my hobby years ago you could find crewel designs, but no more. I thought, how difficult can it be? So I decided to design my own. Thus began my business. I feel that everybody has an obligation to ones community.

I sell my crewel designs locally at the Rising Sun Gallery. Believe me, I don’t end up making a lot of money. Also, when I can, I donate my works to local organizations. At my age I can’t go out and volunteer, so this is my way to contribute to Churchill County.

Forgive me. I know I’m bragging a little here. If you’ve never seen my work, take the time to do so.

Please take the opportunity, not just for my artwork but also for other fabulous, intricate, beautiful artwork by a lot of other local artists. We all work hard at what we do. Take the time to stroll down to Maine Street and see what our town has to offer. We thank you.

Edna Van Leuven is a Churchill County writer and may be contacted at news@lahontanvalleynews.com