Cantaloupe Fest ROYALTY CROWNED |


Adam Robertson
The winners of this year's Cantaloupe Festival King and Queen Contest with 2016's royalty. From left, Katie Taylor, Patricia Pruit, Joel Mincer and Hunter Drost.
Adam Robertson / LVN |

Today Pavilion Arena Schedule

9 a.m. Festival opens

3:30 p.m. Hula Hoop Contest

4 p.m. Wheelchair Races

4:30 p.m. Egg Toss

5 p.m. Sam Malcolm

6 p.m. Musical Chairs Opening ceremonies

6:30 p.m. National Anthem/Color Guard

7 p.m. Sam Malcolm Serenity Awaits

8 p.m. Garth Brooks & Shania Twain Tribute Show

9 p.m. Mechanical Bull Contest

Midnight Festival closes

Saturday Pavilion Arena Schedule

9 a.m. Festival opens

9:30 a.m. Cantaloupes & Canines 5K

10 a.m. Greased zucchini toss

11 a.m. Kents Cornhole Classic Starts

11:30 a.m. Hula Hoop Contest

Noon Serenity Awaits

12:30 p.m. Feed Sack Race

2 p.m. Watermelon Eating Contest

2:30 p.m. Sam Malcolm

3:30 p.m. Baby Drinking Contest

4 p.m. Shopping Cart Races

4:30 p.m. Rubber Ducky Races

5 p.m. Sam Malcolm

6 p.m. Cake Walk 2 Opening ceremonies

6:30 p.m. Musical Chairs National Anthem/Color Guard

7 p.m. Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

8 p.m. Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney & Jason Aldean Tribute Show

9 p.m. Mechanical Bull Contest

10 p.m. DJ Dance Party

Midnight Festival closes

Sunday Pavilion

9 a.m. Festival opens

10 a.m. Sam Malcolm

11 a.m. Dog Costume Contest

11:30 a.m. Hot Dog Eating Contest

Noon Cantaloupe Car Derby

12:30 p.m. Greased Zucchini Toss

1 p.m. Pie Eating Contest

1:30 p.m. Water Balloon Toss

2 p.m. Sam Malcolm

3 p.m. Wheelchair Races

3:30 p.m. Watermelon Eating Contest

4 p.m. Rubber Chicken Fling

5 p.m. Festival closes

Katie Taylor and Joel Mincer were named this year’s Cantaloupe Festival King and Queen after winning Tuesday’s contest.

The event was small, with only three participants attending. Mincer ran unopposed and Taylor competed against Hannah Perazzo for the crown.

Mincer said being named king was cool. He said it was a “new opportunity to explore Fallon” and reach out to different parts of the community. The title would also help later in life on college and job applications.

Taylor admitted she did not expect to win — she felt that Perazzo was a good opponent in the contest. She said she’s thrilled to have won, though, and is excited for the opportunity and getting to contribute to the community.

“I’m really excited for the festival,” Taylor said.

This year’s theme was Greenwave Pride. The contestants were asked questions about their community involvement, what makes Churchill County great and how they would encourage people to come to Fallon.

“We’re not just those memes,” said Perazzo, describing pride in the community as the most important quality of the Cantaloupe Festival King and Queen. “We really have a lot to be proud of here.”

The Festival King and Queen must be Churchill County residents and at least 16 years of age; there is no maximum age, though, and any adult can sign up.

“Last year we did have an 84 year old lady who signed up, but she didn’t come,” said Robyn Jordan, communications coordinator for the Cantaloupe Festival.

The position is held for a year and passed on before the next Cantaloupe Festival.

The participants are judged on involvement in the community, being well spoken, overall pride in Fallon and their ability to be a good ambassador for the area.

Jordan said they hope to attract more participants next year. She recalled it was a big event once, but has waxed and waned over time. The current board hopes to revive the contest back to its past participation.

The Cantaloupe Festival King and Queen act as ambassadors for the festival, promoting the festival at community events and parades. Jordan, however, said she feels there’s more to the position; she said the King and Queen act as ambassadors for Fallon and Churchill County as a whole, promoting the area and acting “as good representatives of the town.”