Carson City BLM explains their involvment with NAS Fallon’s range expansion |

Carson City BLM explains their involvment with NAS Fallon’s range expansion

Aly Lawson
Collene Sievers, project manager with the Bureau of Land Management in Carson City, talks about BLM's involvement with NAS Fallon's Range Training Complex Modernization.
Aly Lawson / LVN |

Churchill County’s Board of Commissioners met yesterday and heard from the Bureau of Land Management’s Carson City District about its involvement with Naval Air Station Fallon’s Range Training Complex Modernization.

Colleen Sievers, BLM Carson City project manager, discussed how the district is working with NAS Fallon as a cooperating agency and is processing the Navy’s two BLM applications, one to extend the current land withdrawal and one to expand an additional 605,000 acres. She added her office does not have a leading role in the withdrawal process.

Sievers outlined how a two-year segregation from all forms of public land laws including mineral exploration and development would work. She said for example this would mean grazing permits and special recreation could continue during the segregation period but perhaps installing overhead power lines may not, although there is a process through which those types of proposals would be considered.

“There will be a lot of coordination between the BLM and Navy,” Sievers said, adding the BLM has also been working with the Navy to provide baseline data and ensure what the Navy proposes will align with BLM projects.

During public comment, Jim Falk asked Sievers how much of the Navy project is being done to meet the goals of Agenda 21; Sievers responded, none of it.

Miner Dave Hoffman told the board to be wary of restricted access, touching on how mining or grazing could be allowed, but property access would be restricted.

Churchill County Social Services’ Shannon Ernst introduced a new guardian on staff and updated the commission about the upcoming Point-in-Time homeless count. The count will be done Jan. 26, starting at midnight and going for a 24-hour period.

The statewide effort results in information about local homeless populations (including those facing homelessness upon release from jail), and volunteers are needed to help conduct interviews. Homeless individuals will receive sleeping mats for their survey participation.

Chairman Pete Olsen gave a report about a Nevada Department of Transportation engineer’s willingness to assist with a few intersection issues including Sheckler Cutoff. Olsen explained how NDOT could help evaluate accidents appropriately to increase safety.

The commissioners also took action regarding the following:

Approved leasing county-owned property on Harmon Road and will review the bids Feb. 15.

Accepted a ditch easement grant from Flying W Land & Livestock, LLC to use its irrigation ditches on a schedule set and controlled by the property owner.

Approved purchase of a conservation/restrictive use easement (and transferrable development rights) with Frey Ranch, LLC for two parcels.

Approved for Hammond Homes and Construction, LLC to build a weather protection structure for the Moody Lane Wastewater Treatment Plant’s head works facility; the county building department found three bids, and Hammond met the criteria to appropriately battle the wind and freezing issues the facility experiences.

Approved Parks and Recreation to have an auction of surplus property in a couple weeks at the Churchill County Fairgrounds.

Approved appointment of chair Robert Getto Jr. and vice-chair Jeff Goings to the Churchill County Board of Equalization.