Cat breeds that have disappeared |

Cat breeds that have disappeared

Kathleen Williams-Miller
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Last week I wrote about dog breeds that have become extinct. This week I thought it was only fair to explore the world of cats. As you are probably aware, many of the big cats have already disappeared or are on the endangered species list. Some are protected in zoos because there are none in the wild.

What about the domestic cat? Have we lost breeds of housecats? Yes and the reasons are the same for cats as dogs. Sometimes predators are the culprit, but more often they are bred into a similar breed. Often the strain of a particular breed just dies out. What is fashionable survives.

Gone but not forgotten is the Mexican Hairless cat. This cat was the last of the Aztec breed, which was found only in New Mexico. They were unusual looking with big ears and mouse- colored backs, with neck, stomach and legs a light-flesh tint. They were intelligent and affectionate. Sadly for them, it was hairless today, gone tomorrow.

Another interesting breed was the Oregon Rex. This cat breed was acknowledged as a separate breed from other Rex types because their coat variations occurred from spontaneous genetic mutation. Breeders in Oregon established a purebred Oregon Rex, which became America’s most popular Rex breed. It wasn’t long before all types of Rex cats were crossbred to the Oregon Rex, and the breed didn’t endure.

The strangest story of extinction turns out to be fabricated. The Pittsburgh Refrigerator cat was supposed to be a cat who could survive and thrive in the very cold temperatures of Pittsburgh warehouses. This cat had long, thick fur and resembled an Angora. It became an urban legend. In reality, the story turned out to be based on a white cat who was a pink-eyed albino.

I suppose it wouldn’t be too catty for me to say it doesn’t matter what the breed is because I think all cats are the cat’s meow.


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.