Cattlemen’s Update stampedes into Fallon |

Cattlemen’s Update stampedes into Fallon

Cooperative Extension

High demand in 2015 for cattle and hay will keep prices profitable. The Cattlemen’s Update will be held next week, including Monday in Fallon to present the latest information on the cattle industry.

The annual Cattlemen’s Update makes a stop in Fallon on Monday to give ranchers the latest information regarding their industry.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension; the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources; and the College of Business will host the 2014 Cattlemen’s Update across Nevada next week with daily educational program. The session in Fallon begins at 6 p.m. at the Churchill County Fairgrounds; multipurpose building. Dinner will be served.

The Cattlemen’s Update provides cattle producers with current information about important management practices and issues that may affect the efficiency, productivity, profitability and sustainability of their businesses. Each day during the week, the program is held at a different location in the state, where experts discuss pertinent topics with participants. Each program usually lasts two to three hours.

The cost is $20 per ranch per location attended. Registration is at the door, and includes a meal and the “Red Book” tracking guide for cattlemen for each participant.

Topics to be discussed this year include the following:

Utilizing Kochia for Forage

Windrow/Swath Grazing Great Basin Wildrye

Production and Quality of 13 Annual Grass Species in Western Nevada

Sage Grouse Update

Rancher Insights on Managing Trich

Production Recommendations Based on Results of Social Behavior Study Results on Tricomaniasis & Update on Foothill Abortion Research

Animal Disease Traceability

Assessing the Impact of a Killed Tritrichomonas Foetus Vaccine on Clearance of the Organism and Subsequent Fertility of Heifers

Nevada Cattlemen’s Association Update

Nevada Beef Check Off Update

Program Updates

Local Veterinarian Update

Programs begin 30 minutes after registration time.