CCMS NHS inductees |

CCMS NHS inductees

Christine Kuklica
Churchill County Middle School inducted 40 new students into National Honor Society. Pictured are some of the new inductees.

The Churchill County Middle School recently inducted 40 new members into National Honor Society.

Adviser Kathy Buckmaster said the children inducted are incredible students who worked extremely hard to get to where they are. She said the NHS is an honorary organization that recognizes students for excelling in academics, leadership, service and character.

“The student have to be an A honor roll student,” Buckmaster said. “We start to evaluate them while they’re in sixth grade and they have to have two consecutive A honor roll semesters to be considered. The students also have to have great leadership and character skills and service.”

Buckmaster said it’s a group effort by the advisers and teachers when selecting the students.

“The process isn’t the same as the high school,” Buckmaster said. “We type up a list of students who meet the grade requirement and then pass them around to the teachers. Once the teachers have them they will inform us about the student’s character and if they’ve been in any trouble. We like to get input from the teachers since they’re with the students on a daily basis.”

Buckmaster said since the students are so young their service is limited.

“The one project the students are responsible for that really makes a difference in the community is the canned food drive around Christmas time,” Buckmaster said. “Our students are known for raising large donations to donate to the food pantry, Out of Egypt. They recently stepped up and put together fundraisers for Shelly Hubbard, who’s CCMS family. When they’re not doing services a lot of them participate in sports, student council or are highly involved in their church.”

Buckmaster said in the fall the new inductees will start to attend meetings and will then elect office officials. She said the students are required to attend the meetings, which are every six weeks, and they are asked to comply with the guidelines set forth by the organization.

“Students do have the right to turn down the invitation that’s extended for the NHS but most students accept it with honor,” Buckmaster said. “The students realize they’re being recognized for the hard work they’ve put into their grades and being an outstanding student. So for them its an honor to be a part of the National Honor Society.”

Buckmaster said she is very proud of the students who were inducted into NHS.

“I don’t know most of these students yet, but I do know they’ve worked incredibly hard to get here,” Buckmaster said. “It’s exciting to start with a new group of kids and see how they’ll grow … they’re all great students and I’m excited to works with them.”

The new inductees include the following: Aitana Alva, Justin Bivens, Rylee Buckmaster, Zen Capton, Joshua Carter, Breanna Catlin, Julianne Celik, Madison Clifton, Mackenzie Cutler, Trevor East, Lorynn Fagg, James Fullmer, Kenna Hamlin, Jace Harmon, Iliana Hockenberry –Grimes, Taylor Ingram, Chloe Jackson, Brenden Larsen, Bryce Larsen, Allison Lister, Seidi Lopez-Ramirez, Journey Martin, Tristen Mathisen, Sean McCormick, Lauryn Mulac, Sierra Orozco, Olivia Parkerson, Alexander Perazzo, Cala Plaizier, Serenity Resendez, Ashlie Romine, Victor Sanchez, Brooke Scarberry, Shelbi Schultz, Mariah Snooks, Stephanie Therianos, Jillian Wilson, Ivan Winder, Jefrey Horne and Sandra Munoz.