CCSD finishes E. C. Best renovation project |

CCSD finishes E. C. Best renovation project

Christine Kuklica
The Churchill County School Board of Trustees recognized Capt. Robert Kermen, Senior Naval Science Instructor, and Command Master Chief Donn Sheldon, Naval Science Instructor for their outstanding work with the Navy JROTC. From left are Kermen, trustee Rich Gent, President Ron Evans, and Sheldon.
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The Churchill County School Board of Trustees approved at its Wednesday meeting a Change Order in the amount of $7,365.42 to Building Solutions, Inc. for unforeseen conditions on the EC Best Elementary School 2014 Long Building and Library Renovation project.

Paul R. Eskeldson, construction manager, said unforeseen conditions were found during the renovations of the long building, library building and site at E.C. Best Elementary School this summer. He said the additional costs to address all of the unforeseen conditions totaled $200,247.42.

“An allowance of $100,000 was included in the contract amount to address unforeseen conditions, and the board of trustees approved a change order on August 14, 2014 that was issued in the amount of $92,882.00 to cover the unforeseen conditions of unsuitable soils and remediation of mold found in one of the student restrooms,” he said. “The remaining change requests exceeded the original allowance by $7,365.42. This will be the final change order on this project.”

Eskeldson said change requests were issued when unforeseen conditions were identified on the project. The Contractor was directed to implement the changes and track their costs so that the project could be completed on schedule.

“The cost of addressing unforeseen conditions has exceeded the contingency, as shown on the attached Change Request Log,” he said. “The Contractor and their subcontractors were required to submit backup information with each of their change requests, including invoices for material purchased, the number of hours worked to implement the change, and a breakdown of their labor costs.”

Markup for overhead and profit were established in the contract documents, Eskeldson said. The design team and I reviewed each change request to ensure the included work was not part of the original contract and the costs were reasonable.

Other items the trustees approved include the following:

Approved the fiscal year 2015-2015 final budget.

Approved copier rental contract with Office Pro Inc. for July 1 to June 30, 2018.

Approved a self-insured workers compensation program with Nelson Davison Administrators as the third party administrator for th plan and a re-insurance policy with a $400,000 retention for the district.