CCSD honors LVN’s Ranson with thoughts |

CCSD honors LVN’s Ranson with thoughts

Aly Lawson
The Churchill County School District Board of Trustees including President Clay Hendrix, right, recognized retiring LVN editor Steve Ranson for three decades of quality coverage as well as for his time as an educator.

The Churchill County School District Board of Trustees met Wednesday to recognize retiring LVN editor Steve Ranson for his many years of professional, dedicated support.

“You know, this is tough, Steve,” said Trustee Clay Hendrix. “You spent a lot of good times with my family … And I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts in this community. You’ve written some good articles … I’m deeply grateful for my relationship with you.”

Trustee Phil Pinder reflected on his relationship with Ranson and said he appreciated Ranson’s effort for the newspaper as well as for the district.

“There were times you knew Coach Pinder was very upset, to be quite honest,” Pinder said of the emotion surrounding losing games. “He could’ve had a field day with me … We still have a joke when we see each other — we always say off the record. Steve, I don’t know if there’s another coach in America who had a relationship with a sports writer like I had with you.”

Trustee Carmen Schank said she has taught Ranson’s children and vice versa. She noted his English teaching lent her son much of his writing skill.

“There are certain people in the community (who) are leaders,” she said. “They are stable and hold the community together. And you’re one of those leaders. You’re there in quite an unassuming way. Thank you for your service in community and for being the wonderful person that you are.”

Trustee Richard Gent said he’s “the oldie on the board here.”

“You’ve been through some horrible times with us and some good times,” he said. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us.”

Trustee Matt Hyde agreed with the previous comments.

“The fairness and unbiased opinion of your articles was always refreshing,” he added, “especially in today’s media.”

Trustee Tricia Strasdin, one of Ranson’s former students, said “you will be missed.”

The board gave the editor as well as former teacher and administrator a standing ovation.

“You’re in good hands,” Ranson said, adding, “I don’t think I’ve written a (district) editorial in four years and that’s a testament to your school board and your professionalism.”

Anthony Huber, the new Food Services Director for Chartwells — who developed and executed a successful Meals on Wheels program in Oregon — introduced himself. He explained his background in motion picture catering to hotels and banquet halls, and said he found “no greater pleasure than to serve seniors or kids.” He added he intends to raise meal counts and have “one big professional, cohesive team.”

“I’m passionate about what I do, truly,” Huber said. “That tends to rub off on people.”

Also Business Services Director Phyllys Dowd shared a positive financial report for the Food Services program.

Steve Russell, Transportation and Safety director, presented the program related to Senate Bill 212’s Safe 2 Tell program for Nevada. He said Colorado has instated the violence and suicide prevention program already and its Safe 2 Tell website can be viewed as an example. An app will also be available as another way students can report threats or connect with support 24/7 for an immediate response.

Gent expressed concern over competing campaigns; for example, “If you see something, say something.”

Dr. Sandra Sheldon, superintendent of schools, presented moving forward with professionally completing the Churchill County High School Senior House construction project to finish the home and list it. The board agreed but wanted to see details before entering into any contracts.

The trustees also received training from legal counsel Sharla Hales on using the conflict of interest sheet to make disclosure and abstention decisions, and to prepare explanations to be made in meetings.

The next board meeting will be Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Old High School auditorium (“The Pit”).