CCSD makes budget mistake |

CCSD makes budget mistake

Christine Kuklica

The budget cuts seem to be an ongoing dilemma for the Churchill County School Board because of a recent error that will affect the budget and not allow the riffing of three employees.

Mum was the word at the Thursday night school board meeting, yet it was business like usual among the trustees.

In a phone interview with Superintendent Dr. Sandra Sheldon, she explained exactly what happened and how the issue will be handled.

“Unfortunately, there was some confusion about the date the notices had to be delivered,” Sheldon said of the riffing. “It was thought the notices had to be given by May 1, but they actually had to be delivered by April 30.”

Sheldon said in order to correct the problem, the budget committee will meet today at 3:30 p.m. in the Education Services Conference room at the district office to discuss where cuts can be made.

“The budget committee will look over the budget and find a few recommendations on where to cut and offer them to the trustees,” Sheldon said. “The committee cannot make any final decisions so they will bring the recommendations to the trustees on May 21 at the board meeting, and the trustees can decide what to do with them then.”

Sheldon said the error was an honest mistake that was overlooked due to past dates and deadlines.

Items that were approved and discussed by the trustees at the Thursday night meeting include the following:

Approved changes to Policy 8316 – Adoption of administrative regulations.

Approved rewrite of Policy 4139/5410 – Safe and respectful learning environment.

Approved award of a contract to Ferguson Construction in the amount of $49,363.00 for construction of the Numa Elementary 2014 Main Entry Remodel Project.

Approved ratification of the 2013-2014 School Year Tentative Agreement between the Churchill County School District and the Churchill County Education Association, including fiscal impact data.