CCSD new upgrades provide security system |

CCSD new upgrades provide security system

Christine Kuklica
At the Churchill County School Board meeting Thursday, trustees recognized Churchill County Middle School for its fou- star school rating and they were presented with an award from President Ron Evans, third from the right.

The Churchill County School Board trustees approved a district wide upgrade at their Thursday meeting to have intercoms and clocks installed with the Telecenter U systems that will allow for safer schools.

Brian Byrd, director of maintenance, said this upgrade would be beneficial in an emergency.

According to Raulands, which manufactures the system, the equipment is the one-school network solution for emergencies, events and everyday use. It unites many communication technologies with a single link. Telecenter U is a web-based system that connects and drives the communications equipment already in place throughout schools, campus and across the district.

Jeff Bowers of Innovative Communications, LLC said Telecenter U connects the separate audio and communication systems.

“It connects systems like intercom and paging, PA/sound and emergency in any and every location to deliver seamless communications for crises, events and everyday,” Bowers said. “With Telecenter U, scheduled tones make sure everyone moves through the campus safely and efficiently. Morning announcements keep students and staff informed. And when an emergency strikes, the district would be prepared with a tested communications plan easily initiated by a single action by authorized staff.”

Byrd said the system should be upgraded district-wide by the summer. He said the district office would be able to communicate with every school.

“It will also show when all classes have been locked down if an emergency happens,” he said. “The teachers are required to check-in to show they heard the warning and their classroom is in lockdown … if it isn’t then we know to send emergency responders to that room first.”

Bowers said in order to access the system a password will be required. He said if there is a power outage, the system has back-up batteries to ensure everything will stay on and continue to work.

Byrd said there is no annual contract fee and the price for the system and new equipment, $137,565, covers the next 10 years.

Other items the trustees approved or discussed include the following:

Approved corrective action plan for the 2014 financial report.

Approved award of contract for design services on the Churchill County Math Quad repaving project for $24,500 to Lumos and Associates of Fallon.

Approved award of contract with McFadden Electric for $26,700 for replacing existing site lights at Numa and Lahontan Elementary Schools with energy efficient LED lights.

Approved resolution 14-09, grazing lease on the property located at Rio Vista Road.