CCSD trustees discuss variety of agenda items |

CCSD trustees discuss variety of agenda items

Christine Kuklica

The Churchill County School District Board of Trustees held their second monthly meeting on Thursday evening.

The board discussed and approved the following items:

Met Justice Crowley, the student representative reporter. The Board of Trustees will receive information regarding academics, activities, and athletics by the sophomore.

Learned about the Kick Start Program. Each kindergarten student this year has a $50 savings account in his or her name to start saving for college. The money is provided by grant funding and donations from corporations and companies to the state. The children will be able to use the money for a school beyond high school such as a trade school, community college, college, etc. Parents will be able to set up a college savings account along side the account for their children for only $15.

Informed that a community forum will be held with stations set up for assessment, finance, parent community involvement, technology, etc.

Learned $2.6 million dollars that was budgeted for this summers projects wasn’t used and will be added on to the current budget, giving a total of $6.9 million dollars being available to use for next summer improvement jobs.

Updated on Educational Services; CRT (Criterion Reference Testing) will be used until the end of this year; next year the district will be switching to Smarter Balance test. The district will pilot Smarter Balance test for the remainder of the year.

Approved student 13-13 exemption from receiving immunizations based on religious beliefs pursuant to NRS 392.435..

Informed that Lahontan Elementary School has had 820 days without an accident. Churchill County High School requested an evaluation of the student parking lot for the entrance and exit off of Scheckler Road, and the administration would like security cameras at each site.

Discussed creation of a finance advisory committee. Committee would approve finance policies, look over loans and lines of credit, bond money, long or short term leases, etc.

Consider amount in both investment and banking accounts including when funds should be transferred and minimum balances to be kept in accounts.

Discussed classroom materials, such as Ipads and online learning and materials for the learning.