CCSD using PeachJar to eliminate printed fliers |

CCSD using PeachJar to eliminate printed fliers

Churchill County School District

In an effort to improve parent and community engagement, Churchill County School District is now using PeachJar to send digital fliers home, to ensure parents stay informed about important activities and events.

Digital fliers will be sent directly to parents through smartphone or computer via email. Additionally, all fliers will be posted to each school’s website. Parents will be able to click to register their children for youth sports, enrichment programs and community events, simply and easily through PeachJar.

“The two biggest concerns from parents seems to be multiple events happening on the same day and not finding out about events with enough time to plan to be there,” said Kimi Melendy, director of Educational Services. “It is our goal to help ease this process for parents, especially those that have children in multiple schools. PeachJar will be a one-stop-shop for parents and families to find out what events and activities are happening in the schools and for kids/families in the community.”

In an effort to go green, the district expects to eliminate the need to print thousands of pieces of paper per year. Additionally, the school district no longer incurs the administrative burden and costs associated with paper flier distribution.

Throughout the year, many local organizations ask the school district distribute fliers to students. The process has now been simplified as PeachJar will also help community partners save on printing.

Local organizations can simply upload a flyer in PDF format to PeachJar and select which school to distribute the flier to. Once approved, the flier will be posted directly to the school and district PeachJar pages and an email will be auto generated to parents.

If you have questions about PeachJar, contact the Churchill County School District Office.