Charity begins in Fallon |

Charity begins in Fallon

This is a true story that just happened here in Fallon.
It is a story that strengthens a recent Lahontan Valley editorial about the good deeds that the people of Fallon do for each other every day.
I am one of the co-directors for Fallon Daily Bread where we feed those in need. Last Monday night, an older man who was on oxygen asked me if I knew where he could get a bunk bed? It seemed that had taken in a young mother and her two young sons who had no where to go. This was not a wealthy man. He lived in a small single wide trailer with a wood stove for heat and only one bed.
He wanted the bed because the little boys and mother had to sleep on the floor with only a blanket. Here was a man who had very little himself but was willing to share what he had with a family who had nothing.
The next day I asked a good friend if he knew anyone with a bunk bed. He didn’t but he called someone who got on Face Book and in 10 minutes had an offer of a free bed. It didn’t have a lower mattress so they bought one for it.
I picked up the bed and mattress and installed it in the man’s second bedroom. As I was leaving, the little boy hugged my leg and with a great deal of pride said “that’s my bed”.
This story brings to mind a story of long ago when a mother to be had no place to stay but with the help of strangers was made to feel welcome.
I think this story is about the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about Costco, Walmart or Target; it’s about how we treat each other. It’s about caring and giving and love and how we share that love with each other.
I hope at this hectic time of year, we all take a moment and appreciate the love that is all around us, especially in Fallon.
Merry Christmas and may God bless us one and all.
Ron Evans is president of the Churchill County School Board, a retired teacher and volunteer for Daily Bread. Editorials appear on Wednesdays in the Lahontan Valley News.