Churchill Animal Protection Society: The astonishing, amazing, acrobatic, Acro-Cats |

Churchill Animal Protection Society: The astonishing, amazing, acrobatic, Acro-Cats

Kathleen Williams-Miller

Recently while visiting my sister in Colorado, I attended a performance of The Acro-Cats. OK, that may sound a bit eccentric, and I want to assure you it was. The venue was packed all four days with cat fans.

Samantha Martin is the founder of the Acro-Cats and the force behind this feline touring troupe. She trains animals for movies, ads and commercials. Many of her animals are stars. She wanted to keep her pets mentally active between gigs, so she got a van and took her menagerie on the road. The results are fabulous!

Samantha is a spokeswoman for cat welfare and the trainability of cats. All 14 of her cats are rescues, and she donates part of the proceeds to local shelters in the areas where the Acro-Cats perform. Her goal is to get shelter cats adopted and promote healthy happy cats.

She uses clicker training to teach cats and other domestic animals tricks. It is a form of behavior modification where a treat is presented at the same time you make a clicker sound. The animal quickly associates the sound with a treat and will eventually respond to the sound only.

The cats performed cool tricks including jumping through hoops, walking tightropes, skateboarding, ringing bells and balancing on balls. Cats weren’t the only critters performing because a chicken named Cluck Norris and a rat named Rat Man were spot on too.

The show concluded with a musical performance by the Rock Cats. Yes, the Rock Cats played guitars, drums, saxophone, trumpet and cymbal. It fun to watch the band in action!

You can view the Acro-Cats in action at They are Purrfect!


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