Churchill Animal Protection Society: Watson explains motion sickness |

Churchill Animal Protection Society: Watson explains motion sickness

Kathleen Williams-Miller

Watson here and I’ll bet you didn’t know that dogs and cats get motion sickness, just like humans. I don’t know this from personal experience but my friend Inca gets car sick. She loves going in the car but when it starts moving, her tummy starts churning.

My boy, Grahm, who is now a man, gets motion sickness too. So, what exactly is motion sickness and what can you do to avoid losing your kibble? Motion sickness is caused by a disturbance in the inner ear. It is exacerbated by the repeated motion of a vehicle or any other motions that disturb the inner ear.

When the body is moved intentionally, like when you are walking, all of the input coming into the brain is coordinated. Your eyes see you walking and your brain confirms that indeed you are walking. But, when your eyes see you moving and the body is just sitting there, it is a huge conflict.

When information from the inner ear, eyes and muscles tell you that what you are seeing isn’t true, your body freaks out. The difference between vision and reality causes a breakdown in the information system. That can cause vomiting, headaches, panting, drooling and general sickness.

There are ways to avoid motion sickness. When you are in the car, lie down and do not look out the window, sit in the front seat and look at the horizon or take anti motion pills.

Inca just lies down and doesn’t look out the window. I guess the best treatment for motion sickness is just chill in the back seat, and don’t worry about the scenery because you know the dog park is just around the corner.

— XOXO Watson


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