Churchill Co. Middle School remodels for Blended Learning |

Churchill Co. Middle School remodels for Blended Learning


- CCHS Principal Kevin Lords will be the district’s new Director of Human Resources. Lahontan Valley News will report an in-depth article about his transition in the coming weeks.

- The Board also is hiring a Director of Transportation and will select a candidate in July.

- The July 11 board meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 26 at 6 p.m.

- Numa Elementary School presented end-of-year data, as 56 students tested language proficiency in the ESL program.

51.7 percent of 4th grade students showed proficiency, with 48.1 percent of 5th grade students.

Churchill County Middle School will be undergoing renovations this summer to accommodate the Blended Learning Community program, as the district’s Board of Trustees approved to move forward with the project at Wednesday’s meeting.

Renovations will cost $50,000 for demolition, new flooring, plumbing, electrical amenities, painting, and framing. The project is expected to be completed a week before Aug. 20, when school is back in session.

If all goes according to schedule, CCMS will host grand opening Aug. 13.

“As we moved into personalized learning, were not looking into apples to apples anymore, it’s apples to oranges,” said CCMS Technology Coach Nathan Waite. “It’s different than traditional classrooms.”

The Blended Learning Community is predicted to instruct more than 120 students in the first year from sixth to eighth grade and combine traditional classroom methods with online digital media.

Another item discussed at the meeting were cost estimates to replace or remodel the high school’s concession stand. Director of Maintenance Ozzie Henke said the current conditions of the stand face issues with hot water and needs to pass the next level of inspections.

Henke said the stand needs handicapped accessibility, prepped sinks, and proper refrigeration to meet the health code.

“We’re standing by with the health inspection because we’re able to do cooking outside and bring it in,” he said. “But we’re limited on what we can serve at this point.”

Henke pitched the board could purchase a new stand at about $175,000 or construct one up to 30 feet for $40,000.

Superintendent Sandra Sheldon said in-house construction would not be the best option.

“It would take away district maintenance,” she said. “We don’t have the staff and it would take a lot of time.”

The Board agreed to discuss the item again in upcoming agendas.