Churchill County Commission to recognize Eagle Scout |

Churchill County Commission to recognize Eagle Scout

The Churchill County Board of Commissioners will meet Wednesday at 1:15 p.m. in the chambers at 155 N. Taylor St.

The commission will consider and take possible action regarding the following:

Update of current activities, plans or actions related to the Carson City District of the Bureau of Land Management, including a presentation recognizing the work of Eagle Scout Mark Moyle on the Lee Hot Springs project.

Public hearing regarding local regulated tariff #17 changes.

Presentation by the board, Evie Regan and the Employee Management Committee of the 2017 Jim Regan Memorial Scholarships to Isabel de la Cruz Martinez, Michael Richards II (each $1,500), Kathrine Vick and Ethan Smith (each $1,000).

Submittal of the fiscal year 2017 second service report regarding developmental services provided to the State of Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau.

Shannon Ernst, Social Services Director and Public Guardian

Request for authorization for Churchill County Social Services to act as fiscal agent for the Rural Nevada Continuum of Care.

Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. contract to provide planning activities to the Rural Nevada Continuum of Care.

Request for authorization to enter into a contract with Martin Roberto to conduct safety training.

Authorizing the CC Communications general manager to sign the Zayo Fiber Swap Agreements in a form approved by the District Attorney’s Office.

Community support funding application for The Arts Center’s 5th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser for the Arts.

POOL/PACT annual meeting update by comptroller Alan Kalt.

Public hearing setting for an appeal filed by EGP Stillwater Solar PV II, LLC of a Planning Commission decision made to deny a special use permit for property located at 4785 Lawrence Lane to construct and operate a 20-megawatt solar commercial renewable facility near the existing solar facility.