Churchill County to discuss TCID, Roosevelt backcountry conservation proposal |

Churchill County to discuss TCID, Roosevelt backcountry conservation proposal

The Churchill County Board of Commissioners will meet Friday at 1:15 p.m. in the chambers at 155 N. Taylor St.

There will be a public hearing on receiving bids for the lease of the Harmon Road property and award of lease.

The commission will also consider and take possible action regarding the following:

Presentation on Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s Backcountry Conservation Area Proposal.

Update from the Fallon Festival Association on the 2016 Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair and application for community support funding for 2017.

Update on the activities of the Western Nevada Development district given by the director

Truckee-Carson Irrigation District director Rusty Jardine will give an update on the 2017 water season for the Newlands Federal Reclamation Project.

An amendment to independent contractor agreement with Resource Concepts, Inc. to include activities related to the Naval Air Station Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization environmental impact statement.

Time extension request for submittal of a parcel map pursuant to a developer agreement, appurtenant to the amended tentative map for Sky Ridge Estates (phases 5 and 6).

Extension agreement between the county and Jeffery Cruess establishing him as the county surveyor for three years.

Approval of two separate interlocal contracts for temporary housing of Pershing and Mineral Counties’ juveniles at the Churchill County Juvenile Justice Center, Teurman Hall.

Advanced step appointment of Dean Patterson as county associate planner.

Budget transfer #FY17-01.