Cold Springs Station Resort: A warm option for Fallon locals |

Cold Springs Station Resort: A warm option for Fallon locals

Rob Galloway
Cold Springs Station Resort is located at 52300 Austin Hwy. outside Fallon.
Cold Springs Station Resort

For many, retirement means not having to wake up at the same time each morning and get out the door in time to punch the clock at work. For George and Barbara McNeil, retirement has not afforded them that luxury.

In early 2017, the couple was looking forward to retirement when the opportunity to purchase the Cold Springs Station Resort presented itself.

“We had been long-time customers of the Resort,” said George McNeil. “We used to come out here almost every weekend for a number of years, so we thought this would be fun.”

The Resort, located about 60 miles outside of Fallon, was established near the original site of the 1860 Pony Express, giving it a little bit of history to go along with its other amenities. With 24 full hook-up RV camp spots, there also are six motel rooms and three cabins. The Resort also has a 4,600-square-foot full-service restaurant, which burned to the ground in 2007 and was rebuilt in 2010.

Out of the restaurant comes one of the most popular events at the Resort — its monthly fish fry — happening the third Friday of each month. The event was something that began with the previous owners and something they’ve continued with the same recipes because of its popularity.

“It’s all-you-can-eat fish and chips with our housemade clam chowder and coleslaw,” McNeil said. “It’s a big deal. We get regular people from all over and as far away as Reno, Sparks, Carson City and, of course, Fallon.”

According to McNeil, Fallon locals have known about the hidden hot spot for years.

“They like to come out here and have fun and ride,” McNeil said. “They can take their UTVs or offroad vehicles right out of the park and don’t have to trailer them anywhere — there’s lots of trails out here.”

The McNeil’s haven’t really retired, not even close. When asked what some of the largest challenges are with owning the Resort, McNeil said weeds and water — something almost every Nevadan can relate to.

And while retirement hasn’t afforded them time off work, what it has afforded them is more time with their family. After six years in the Air Force, their son, Nick McNeil, has moved his family out to become their general manager.

“It’s exciting for us because we get to have our grandchildren around,” McNeil said. “We’re definitely family-oriented and want people to know this is a safe environment they can come to and let their hair down.”

With miles of trails, abundant wildlife, food and beverage and multiple options for staying overnight, Cold Springs Station could be considered a destination resort — and one thing they would like to add to the offerings in the future: weddings.

The next big event up for the Resort is their annual Father’s Day celebration.

“We have guided rides with a big feast on Saturday and on Sunday (Father’s Day) we fire up the trap machine for everyone to participate in.”

Whether interested in one of their events or needing a new place to rev up the offroad toys, Cold Springs Station Resort is worth the drive.

Cold Springs Station Resort is located at 52300 Austin Hwy. outside Fallon. For more information, call them at 775-423-1233 or visit them online at