Commissioners approve numerous agenda items |

Commissioners approve numerous agenda items

Staff Report

The Churchill County Commissioners met Thursday for their first meeting of December.

The board considered or approved the following agenda items:

Accepted the findings of the annual financial report for the 2017 fiscal year that ended June 30. Commissioners were told several items were over budget, one because of allocating money for flood mitigate.

“This is a great report in a challenging year,” said Commission Chairman Pete Olsen.

Approved a resolution directing County Assessor Denise L. Mondhink-Felton to take certain action regarding the Secured Tax Roll for 2018-2019.

Approved an application filed by Gary and Les Imelli for a sending site off Reservoir Road consisting of 67 acres with about 54 irrigated-water righted acres.

Approved Bill 2017-D, Ordinance 32 for making additions to Title 16 Consolidated Development Code, setting forth regulation to the use of houses smaller than 1,200 square feet, park model trailers, shipping containers and sheds as residents.

Commissioner Carl Erquiaga said he doesn’t think a shed can be defined, but he said he’ll leave it to the planning department. Planning Director Michael Johnson said building inspectors have no jurisdiction to determine who lives in them. Johnson said residents who live west of Lahontan Reservoir have not obtained building permits from the county.

Approved an ordinance authorizing and directing the issuance of Churchill County, Nevada, Revenue Bond, Series 2017B in the principal amount of $6,260,000 to finance and refinance a portion of the cost to finance a county jail.

The proposed bonds will be used to repay Wells Fargo construction load. The bonds will be repaid with an apportionment of .25 percent sales tax for infrastructure in accordance with provision in NRS 377B, 15 percent of the total receipts of federal revenues related to the federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes and 15 percent of the receipts of the federal revenues for geothermal rents and royalties found within Churchill County.

Adopted market value for leasing county-owned property on Pioneer Way that is commonly known as the Wild Goose Ranch.

Tabled action of yearly renewal of Cashman Power Solutions scheduled Maintenance Agreement for 13 generators.

Approved Churchill County Sheriff’s Office to destroy or dispose of firearms that were confiscated pursuant to NRS 202.340.

Approved a temporary stipend of $1,000 per month for Sherry Wideman as interim comptroller. County Manager Eleonore Lockwood appointed Wideman as interim comptroller when Alan Kalt retires from his position later this month.