Commissioners approve sale of properties in trust |

Commissioners approve sale of properties in trust

Christine Kuklica
The Churchill County Commissioners recognized employees for their years of service at their Wednesday meeting.

The Churchill County Commissioners held their second meeting of the month on Wednesday and approved the list of properties held in trust by the Churchill County Treasurer for sale.

Kelly Helton, Churchill County clerk/treasurer, presented the list of properties for sale to the commissioners. She said the last legislative session in 2013 changed the way the county does their property tax sale.

“In prior years the property owners or agents had three weeks prior to the tax sale to redeem the taxes, therefore, avoiding the tax sale,” Helton said. “Now legislation changed that date to three working days prior to the sale.”

She said the current list could dramatically change and more than likely will change prior to the date of the sale. She said it could change so drastically that there may not even be a sale if every property is redeemed.

“I will go ahead with the publication if you approve the resolution,” Helton said “I have to publish it 20 days prior to the sale, which will be on April 10.”

Helton said properties will be posted on the county website and if a property is redeemed, it will be taken off of the sale list.

“I have sent letters to local entities and the institutions of higher education notifying them of properties available,” Helton said. “If institutions or local governments are interested in properties, they have until the (April) 7 to file an application to the board of commissioners. They will come to the commissioners on the (April) 8 and the commissioners will either approve or reject their request.”

Other items approved by the commissioners include the following:

Approved bronze level membership for the American Lands Council in the amount of $1,000.

Approved a request from Jim Kingzett for extension of time for submittal of a parcel map for the Hazen Rail Park Tentative Map, APN: 009-251-28 until March 21, 2017.