Commissioners take action on wide range of agenda items |

Commissioners take action on wide range of agenda items

Churchill County Commissioners met Thursday at their first meeting of September and took action on the following agenda items:

Approved Bill 2018-C, Ordinance 103, an ordinance establishing the procedures and requirements for the consideration of development agreements as authorized by NRS 278.0201.

Adopted Resolution 187-2018 declaring a 1990 F-250 maintenance truck as surplus property and donating it to the City of Fallon in accordance with NRS 244.1505.

Approved a grant agreement with the State of Nevada, Department of Health and Human Services, Grants Management Unit, for the provision of Family Resource Center activities under Social Services for $21,217 for Fiscal Year 2019.

Adopted Resolution No. 188-2018 imposing a temporary moratorium on the line access fee charged under Section 13.05.370(B) (1) of the Churchill County Code.

Heard the first reading of Bill No. 2018-D, Ordinance No. 7, an ordinance amending the following provisions of Title 3 of the Churchill County Code for those employees under the direct and indirect jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners to the extent of the laws permitted by the State of Nevada: Chapter 3.12.040 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace; 3.12.050 Drug and Alcohol Testing for DOT Positions; 3.12.140 Use of Tobacco; 3.16.070 Evaluation of Applicants; 3.12.100 Minimum Employment Age; 3.08 Definitions; 3.12.180 Whistleblower Protection; 3.36.040 Paydays and Final Paycheck; 3.40.020 Sick Leave; 3.48.030 Complaint Resolution Procedure; 3.52 Disciplinary Action; 3.56.040 Duties of Officers (of Employee Management Committee); 3.12.060 Nepotism Prohibited; Personal Relationships.

Approved the release for public comment on the Churchill County Housing and Community Development Plan and release of Pre-Applications to be submitted for the Community Development Block Grant for Fiscal Year 2020.

Listened to a presentation of the Churchill County Museum Strategic Plan.

Approved reorganization of Churchill County Museum employee positions, eliminating the museum exhibits preparator position and using the monies to help convert a part-time museum curator to a full-time position.

Reversed the Planning Commission’s decision on July 11, 2018 to deny issuance of a Temporary Use Permit for Leslie Beach to use a recreational vehicle as a temporary watchman’s quarters in conjunction with The Red Door “New to You” Store for property located at 6755 Reno Highway, Assessor’s Parcel Number 008-141-18.

Approved an agreement for purchase of a conservation/restrictive use easement with Arne L. and Leslie martin on assessor’s parcel number 007-571-17, totaling 55.36 acres with 42.52 irrigated acres.