Contract amendments approved by commissioners |

Contract amendments approved by commissioners

Adam Robertson
Commissioners Carl Erquiaga, Pete Olsen and Bus Scharmann consider a proposal to house juveniles from neighboring counties in Theurman Hall.
Adam Robertson / LVN |

The Churchill County commissioners discussed a contract related to the Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization project during their meeting last week.

The commission approved an amendment to a contract agreement with Resource Concepts, Inc. (RCI). The contract includes activities related to the Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

According to County Manager Eleanor Lockwood, RCI has been assisting the county with natural resources and the Bureau of Land Management’s resource management plan. RCI and the county have been working to update the county’s policy plan for public lands.

According to the commission’s agenda report, the revised contract focuses on having someone specifically working to review the public lands plan and advising the county on necessary revisions.

“Because the Navy EIS is going to take several years, I think it’s important to have consistency and someone who is very well versed in both (the National Environmental Protection Act) and the community to assist the county in being thoroughly engaged in this process,” Lockwood said.

She also would be approved to execute certain orders in accordance with the county budget.

The contract covers a period until June 30, 2018. According to Lockwood, the county does not currently have the budget for the proposal, but it would be included in the budget plan for the next fiscal year.

The commissioners also unanimously approved contracts to temporarily house delinquent juveniles from Pershing and Mineral Counties in Teurman Hall, the Churchill County Juvenile Justice Center. It was noted the needs of Churchill County would always take precedent.

The cost of $300 per bed each day is being used to lessen the burden of the center’s operating costs on Churchill County.

The following was also approved:

An extension of time for submitting a parcel map related to a tentative map for Sky Ridge Estates phase 5 and 6.

The extension of an agreement between the county and Jeffery H. Cruess, appointing him as county surveyor for three years.

The appointment of Dean Patterson as associate planner.