Cooperative Extension Forum on weeds, wheatgrass |

Cooperative Extension Forum on weeds, wheatgrass

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Extension is hosting a forum on how to use crested wheatgrass to conquer bare spots and weeds on Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m.

A big challenge for the small-acreage landowner is keeping weeds at bay. For lands not covered with pavement, lawn, mulch or ornamental landscaping, and for properties that receive little traffic, weeds seem to sneak onto the landscape.

To help landowners control these weeds, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension presents “Conquer the Bare Spots and Weeds With Crested Wheatgrass,” 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday at the CVIC Hall, 1604 Esmeralda Ave., in Minden.

“As a drought-tolerant perennial species, crested wheatgrass may be just the ticket to out-compete the dreaded weeds,” said Extension Educator Steve Lewis, who coordinated the forum. “With a little irrigation, crested wheatgrass will remain green throughout the growing season. Or, without irrigation, the grass will go dormant at some point prior to the end of the growing season, but won’t die. As another benefit, crested wheatgrass may also provide some forage for grazing animals.”

The forum, part of the Agriculture Innovation Forum Series, will feature Crop Specialist Jay Davison, with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension in Fallon, and Biomass and Seed Bank Coordinator Eric Roussel, with the Nevada Division of Forestry. Davison will review crested wheatgrass varieties, plant characteristics, planting recommendations, management and grazing/harvesting recommendations, environmental constraints, irrigation requirements versus dryland, production estimates, and benefits of weed competition and dust/erosion control. Roussel will talk about seed supply, rangeland drill equipment rental, and successes and failures he’s witnessed with crested wheatgrass seedings over the years.

The Agriculture Innovation Forum Series is designed to provide practical information and know-how for agricultural producers and small-acreage owners to optimize their land use potential and maintain agricultural open space in the Carson Valley. The series is intended to be an open dialogue format allowing attendees ample opportunity to ask questions and learn. The forums are free, and no registration is required. For information on the Tuesday forum, “Conquer the Bare Spots and Weeds With Crested Wheatgrass,” contact Lewis at 775-782-9960.