The Churchill County Commissioners meet Thursday at 8:15 a.m. at the Churchill County Administration Building chambers, 155 N. Taylor St., Suite 145.

Consideration and possible action regarding the following:

Steve Johnson’s Advanced Placement Class presentation of the Yucca Mountain Survey.

Presentation by RCI on Community Source Water Protection Program and approval of Resolution 26-2015 adopting the plan.

Resolution 27-2015 directing the Churchill County Assessor to take certain actions regarding the Secured Tax Roll for 2016-2017,.

Presentation on the “Save the Fallon Theatre” and request support to obtain Community Development Block Grant funding.

Restrictive Use Easement with Margaret T. Facha, Trustee, and Helen A. Shaw, trustee.

Request transfer of funds to the city of Fallon for first and final payment for the 2015 Surface Treatment of various street projects and first and final payment for the First Street sidewalk installation project.

Discussion on alternative approaches to undertake for the review and update of Chapter 12 Policy Plan for Public Lands of the Churchill County Master Plan.

Nominations for appointment to the Carson Truckee Water Conservancy District Board of Directors.

Resolution 25-2015 requesting assignment of a deputy attorney general in a conflict case (Case No. C15-07042 and 151000916).

Request to receive board approval of the Assignment of Development Agreements from the Fallon River Park, LLC to River Homes in Fallon, LLC.