County Commission values its longtime employees |

County Commission values its longtime employees

Aly Lawson
The Churchill County Commission recognizes service award recipients. From left are Chairman Pete Olsen, Commissioner Bus Scharmann, Mary (Bunny) Corkill, Audra Bunker, Mike Nolan, Julie Gilmore, Lonnie Montgomery, Jesse Nuckolls, Julia Mello, Nicole Dooley and Vice Chairman Carl Erquiaga.
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The Churchill County Commission met Wednesday to recognize employees receiving service awards as well as discuss 2016 fire management, economic development and more.

Among those recognized for their county service were Mary (Bunny) Corkill for 30 years with the museum; Audra Bunker, 20 years the justice court; Lonnie Montgomery, 10 years with child support, Mike Nolan, 10 years with facilities, parks and recreation; Jesse Nuckolls, 10 years with the sheriff’s office; Julie Gilmore, five years with the treasurer; as well as Nicole Dooley and Julia Mello, each with five years with juvenile probation.

Terri Knutson, field director for the Stillwater Field Office, Bureau of Land Management’s Carson City District, was also honored for her years of service before retiring.

“I do appreciate all your support over the years,” she said. “I’ve had some of the best days of my career in this room. And some of the worst,” she added with a laugh.

“Our economy seems to be recovering in a measured way.”Alan Kalt Commission comptroller

Knutson’s colleague Paul Petersen continued with a presentation about fire management from prepositioning firefighting vehicles and aircraft to protecting priority sage grouse habitats. He also said the 2016 Nevada fire season resulted in 547 fires over 42,985 acres and three fatalities.

Comptroller Alan Kalt discussed the new Churchill County Senior Center project and applying for additional grant funding that was approved. Kalt agreed with the Commission that the project was halfway home.

“In order to open our doors, we need to have some of these things,” said Lisa Erquiaga, executive director at the center, about the furniture and equipment the new grant would provide.

Kalt also outlined in detail the county’s historical taxable sales and revenue.

“Our economy seems to be recovering in a measured way,” he said of the last several years.