County Commission wrap-up |

County Commission wrap-up

Christine Kuklica
One of the agenda items on Thursday's agenda for the Churchill County Commission involves the bypass near the convention center and WNC.

The Churchill County Commission held its first meeting of November on Thursday and took action on the following agenda items:

Approved by the commissioners was the transfer of funds to the city of Fallon for the Convention Center Drive project. The road was constructed not only out of safety concerns but also for residents to have easier access to the local businesses in the area.

Traffic tests had been completed for designing the new road, and it was discovered that more than 700 vehicles used the shortcut daily for a through road.

According to city figures, the project for the new road began in August and has cost $768,000. The completion for the road is in approximately two weeks.

Other business discussed or approved included the following:

Approved entering into agreement with Green Zone Initiative and acceptance of Memorandum of Understanding.

Approved agreement with HUD for the provision of the Primary Assistance and Transitional Housing grant.

Discussed overall evaluation of the health and wellness classes offered to Churchill County employees by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Approved the funding for the repair of the southeast roof on the Churchill County Senior Center.

Approved to nominate a Churchill County representative to the State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC).

Approved conservation easement on property owned by Dawn Star Properties, LLC at 7339 Pasture Road, assessor’s parcel number 006-081-03, and authorization for issuance of TDR certificates to Churchill County and on property owned by Daniel D. Shaw and Helen Ann Shaw at 4595 Reservoir Road, assessor’s parcel number 007-571-05, and authorization for issuance of TDR certificates to Churchill County.

Approved resolution 34-2013 in support of the completion of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s review of the Yucca Mountain License Application.

Approved resolution 35-2013 modifying the composition of the Churchill County Audit Committee.

Approved Sean Richardson, CPA, to be appointed to Churchill County Audit Committee.

Accepted and approved Domestic Violence Intervention’s first and second quarterly reports on operations and request funding support payment.