County Question No. 1 deserves support |

County Question No. 1 deserves support

Six years ago, the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department came to the public with a ballot measure to raise additional funding to purchase major equipment items or to refurbish the equipment.

At the time, the measure called for assessing a property tax rate that would cost the owner of a $100,000 home, for example, up to $10.50 per year. The duration on that ballot measure approved six years is coming to an end.

During that span, the county bought new water tenders, several engines and other apparatus to keep the fire department as one of the best in the United States. In order to maintain that assessment, the Churchill County Commission at their July 17 meeting approved a ballot measure for the general election that, if passed, would continue to provide major upgrades or purchase equipment and other apparatus, specifically air breathing equipment.

For a five-year period, the 2008 measure raised about $1.2 million for the fire department, and knowing how the county comptroller watches budgets like a hawk, we are very certain the fire department spent its money wisely and invested in projects that would benefit the community.

We are certain the same oversight will occur if County Question No. 1 passes on Nov. 4.

The residents of both Fallen and Churchill County should take great pride in their fire department. It has received an ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating of 1, the highest mark a fire department can receive. This is based on a number of factors ranging from equipment to training. Because of the support from both the Fallon City Council and Churchill County Commissioners, the fire department has been one of pride for the residents who depend on its services.

Likewise, a high ISO rating also results in lower premiums for insurance policies for both homeowners and businesses.

This volunteer force of 43 firefighters consists of dedicated individuals seeking to keep Fallon safe, while performing a community service that so many before them have.

Everyone within the Churchill County depends on quality fire protection.

To put it into perspective, there will be no added tax per year for obtaining new equipment if the previous rate from 2008 is allowed to continue. This assessment is still cheaper than going out for one meal.

The Lahontan Valley News supports our fire department and unequivocally supports the passage of County Question 1. Members of the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department have worked hard to make this one of the top-notch departments in the U.S.

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