County supports future senior center plans |

County supports future senior center plans

Christine Kuklica
Plans to replace the current Churchill County Senior Center were approved by county commisoners on Thursday when they committed financial resurces for a new building.

The Churchill County Commissioners approved at their Thursday morning meeting to commit financial resources as matching funds to plan to build a new senior center.

Jamie Lee, executive director of the Coalition for the Senior Center, said the not-for-profit organization brings residents of Churchill County an enhanced quality of life through the programs such as Meals on Wheels, congregate dining facilities, homemaker programs, a variety of social and recreational activities and volunteer opportunities that support independence.

“We offer quality of life and aging with dignity for our growing senior population,” Lee said. “The Meals on Wheels program not only delivers hot meals to homebound seniors but also provides a daily wellness check. The program is the primary reason many seniors are able to avoid admission to a nursing home or other facility.”

Secretary/treasurer Dona Eveatt, said Churchill County is home to more than 7,000 people age 55 and older, and the number of seniors will continue to increase as the Baby Boomer generation retires and becomes seniors.

Eveatt said the senior center at 310 E. Court St., is in a building more than 75 years old and shows its age through increased operating and maintenance costs to the extent that it has become more cost effective to build a new facility.

“The existing property size constrains the ability to expand the facility to meet the growing demands placed on the senior center to serve the steadily increasing senior population,” she said. “We will be able to design the new building properly to meet the needs of our seniors like more flexible space, no carpet and one level.”

Vice president Gary Laca said a design committee was put together to gather and consolidate current data on usage and trends. He said other senior facilities were toured to gage what Churchill County might need in their new one.

“We toured Dayton, Carson City and Elko’s senior centers and found Elko’s center fits what we were thinking when we thought of a new facility,” he said. “We obtained a copy of its floor plan and found out what worked for them and what didn’t so we could make modifications if need be.”

Laca said architect Frank Woodliff analyzed the current senior center’s physical plans and developed preliminary plans based upon current usage, Elko’s facility and anticipated future needs.

B.J. Selinder, a Coalition for the Senior Center board member, said the architect designed the plans so that the building can expand in the future. Commissioner Pete Olsen said he appreciated the work the organization has done so far on the current senior center and the skills they offer to the seniors. He said he is excited about the future of the senior center and being able to offer something better than the past.

Commissioner Carl Erquiaga echoed what Olsen said and added the organization and county are moving in the right direction.

The county will reserve funds for $400,000 to be used as matching funds to design and build a new senior center facility.

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Other items approved or discussed by the commissioners include the following:

Discussed the US Nuclear Energy Foundation Yucca Educational Mission.

Approved to adopt Bill 2015-C, Ordinance 71, an ordinance making changes to Title 13 Water and sewers, changing the due date of monthly utility bill and the definition of a delinquent account, effective April 1.

Approved Bill 2015-B, Ordinance 114, an ordinance making it unlawful to allow dogs to run at large and dogs to bark for an extended period of time above a certain noise level, effective April 1. The LVN will do a separate story regarding the new laws before they take effect.

Approved William T. Hetland reversion to acreage map for property located on Solias Road.

Approved the Washburn Family Trust application for a sending site and assign a total of 64 transferable development rights to the property upon recordation of conservation easement deed.

Approved staff to develop a template for a request for qualification/proposals for a major capital improvement.

Approved connecting the Fallon Golf Course to the County Water System to come into compliance with the regulations of the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water for public water systems.

Approved Ron Juliff to serve as a voting member of the Homeland Security Working Group for 2015.

Approved submittal of a request for funding to the Carson Water Subconservancy District for the Lahontan Valley Water Level Measurement Program.

Approved the Fallon Range Training Complex Environmental Impact Statement, and send letter of appreciation to Capt. Steinbaugh, commanding officer, Naval Air Station Fallon.

Approved resolution 08-2015 authorizing the Churchill County Road Department to repair and construct bridges and culverts where the cost of performing such work does not exceed $100,000 or as that amount may be amended by the state.

Approved purchase of a .57 acre lot on South Maine Street, for $28,500 as noted in the Land Purchase Agreement contingent on receipt of the appraisal that supports the value.