County tough on domestic violence |

County tough on domestic violence

The results are still staggering for the number of domestic violence incidences that occur every reporting period in Nevada.

The people who made reports as victims come from all walks of life … different ages and sexes, different cultures, different education and social backgrounds.

According to Safe Nest, “domestic violence is a pattern of violent and coercive behavior used by one partner in a relationship to control another.”

October is Domestic Violence Intervention Month whereas through education, the public becomes better informed of abuse, especially in Nevada.

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence recorded more than 63,000 contacts from July 2014 to June 2015 with 41,447 recorded as first time and 14,998 noted as repeat situations.

The biggest age group affected by domestic violence is 30-44 with 11,240 women and 1,017 men reporting.

The largest known race reporting domestic violence is Caucasian.

Clark County leads with 29.756 victims followed by Washoe County with 8,755. Churchill County had 406 victims, fourth highest in Nevada. A reason for this county’s high number is because every situation is prosecuted as a domestic violence case.

District Attorney Art Mallory said his office has one prosecutor designated to handle domestic violence cases, and the state’s Attorney General Office has a domestic violence office. Mallory said the state director has worked with the counties, including Churchill, to ensure local officials have the resources to prosecute their cases. This has been one of the AG Adam Laxalt’s top campaigns.

Furthermore, Mallory wants residents to know that local enforcement and the courts are very involved with the prosecution of domestic violence cases in this county.

“Real key to the education is telling people that their conduct is totally unacceptable. When people get in court, the punishment should fit the crime,” Mallory said.

The first time a domestic violence incident happens in the city, it goes to the municipal court, but the first time a situation like this occurs in the county, it goes to the DA’s office and possibly to Justice Court and then District Court. A third conviction on domestic violence is a felony.

Mallory said a conviction on any domestic violence charges bars the perpetrator from possessing or purchasing a firearm or carrying one on a concealed weapons permit.

Churchill County residents must take domestic violence seriously and report any cases as soon as possible.

Churchill County’s Domestic Violence Intervention group’s goals are specific: To: Strengthen community education and awareness and encourage individuals in an unhealthy relationship to pick up the phone to call or come by the DVI office for support and assistance.

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