Creative outlet series for women |

Creative outlet series for women

Aly Lawson
The Art Center partners with different organizations to offer creative outlets such as this paint night last summer at Churchill County Parks & Recreation.

Wonderful Women Wednesdays starts next week from 6-9 p.m. at the Fallon Convention Center for women of all ages to take a breath, have some fun and create something.

The Arts Center and Western Nevada College Fallon launched the community education series to celebrate women and the arts as well as provide an outlet. Each meeting offers something new, and two more gatherings are planned for Oct. 19 and Nov. 16. Wednesday’s event features “MoTiYoGaChi” creator and Fallon resident Syena Sowden.

“Women give a lot of themselves a lot of the time, and they forget themselves in the process,” said Patricia Sammons, executive director at The Arts Center. “If you take care of yourself, you take better care of your loved ones.”

Guests will explore movement and art as well as music and color preference, eventually incorporating painting brush strokes to create a mandala (a circular pattern) or a more abstract free form to take home. Sammons will help instruct as well as a few teaching assistants.

There will be healthy appetizers and flavored waters as well as discussion about health beverages and how to drink them during the course of a day.

Sowden is a long-time personal fitness instructor who combined the method of primal, tribal movement with the fluid, meditative movements of tai chi, chi kung and yoga. Also focusing on color and music, Sowden plans to give attendees a relaxing, low-impact, multi-level way to strengthen their bodies, energize their spirits and calm their minds.

She elucidated how alcohol can be a crutch for inhibition, especially wine at women-centric events. Without alcohol at this event, which also makes it so younger women may attend, Sowden will guide guests through blindfolded movement, hopefully freeing participants.

“It’s going to be an interesting Wednesday,” Sowden said.

Sowden also shared how she experienced a change in mindset and activity, going from teaching robotic aerobics classes to balanced, healing programs. She used to be obsessed with scale numbers and working harder, and only saw her already healthy body respond when she released her stressful obsessions.

“For one evening, for three hours, they can take care of it,” Sammons said. “I had one lady I was trying to get to do that to come, but she said they’re farmers; it’s farm season. For three hours? I know your husband, don’t make me come out there and talk to him.”

Contact The Arts Center for reservations or with questions at 775-294-4135. The cost is $30 before each meeting. Participants are advised to bring a scarf to this event for use in the activities as well as wear comfortable clothes.

“Whether you’re working or going to school, or a mom or a grandma, we put everybody else first and ourselves last,” said Holly Meader, office assistant at Churchill County Social Services. “This is something strictly for the girls, for the art.”