March business license report |

March business license report

Churchill County has issued the following business licenses in MARCH 2017.

Alpha Cleaners; Janitorial, House Cleaning; 775-421-6567; Owner: Luis Pardini

Battle Born Soap; Soap Company; 775-423-4354; Owner: Athena Fritcher

California Pottools; Wholesale of Tools for Ceramic Artist; 775-423-1575; Owner: Rolland Schmidt

Contreras Cleaning Service; Cleaning Services; 775-379-7506; Owner: Abigail Contreras Mendoza

Fallon Golf Course, Inc.; Golf Course; 775-428-1414; Owner: Alan Kalt

Glenn’s Tractor Service; Tractor Services; 775-423-0549; Owner: Glenn Garate

Granite Mountain Multigraphics; Cad Multi-Graphic Design; 775-322-0595; Owner: Emit Taylor II

Jordan Horseshoeing; Farrier; 775-427-0486; Owner: Joe Jordan

Shipley Sweets; Cottage Industry; 775-427-7974; Owner: Denise Shipley

Tina’s Touch; Crafting; 775-426-9775; Owner: Christina Molenda

Total Body Bliss by Linda; Massage Therapy (Mobile); 775-427-7911; Owner: Linda Hinds

Young Enterprises; Rentals & Crafts; 775-427-7911; Owners: Mitch & Jenny Young

1st Rate Cleaning; Janitorial/Housekeeping/Yard Cleanup; 775-530-3123; Owner: Diana Richards

All About Pest Control, Inc.; Pest Control for Commercial & Residential; Bu;: 526 Darren Way; Fernley, Nevada; Ma: P.OBox 2255; Dayton, Nevada, 89403; 775-246-1415; Owner: Michael Teeter

C & M Food Distributing; Food Service Distributor; Bu: 7935 Sugar Pine Court; Reno, Nevada; Ma: P.O BOX 45005; Salt Lake City, Utah, 84145; 775-787-3020; Owner: Attn: Licensing Compliance

C and L Auto; Automotive Repair; Bu & Ma: 96 Grand Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-6178; Owner: Shelby Cecil

DC Randall Corporation; Electrical Contractor; Bu & Ma: 551 White Eagle Lane; Fernley, Nevada, 89408; 775-302-3234; Owner: David Randall

Town to Town; Delivery Service; Bu & Ma: 3116 Oreana Drive; Carson City, Nevada, 89701; Owner: Matthew Rhea Closed Business

Churchill County has terminated the following businesses in March 2017.

Benham Constructions, LLC; General Contractor; Bu: 9400 North Broadway Ste 300; Oklahoma; Ma: P.O Box 80600; Indianapolis, Indiana, 46280; 405-478-5353; Owner: C/O Ducharme, McMillan & Associates

Buddy Segura Masonry; Masonry Construction; Bu & Ma: 300 Lazy Heart Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-6343; Owner: Fernando ‘Buddy’ Segura

C & L Auto; Auto Repair; Bu & Ma: 96 Grand Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-6178; Owner: Ernest Cecil

Chambers Hauling; Rubbish Removal & Handyman; Bu & Ma: 5244 Hiatt Loop; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-842-0124; Owner: James Chambers

Crabapple Hill, LLC; Crafting; 4124 Tarzyn Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-6547; Owner: Jessica Atkins

D.C. Electrical, Inc.; Electrician; Bu & Ma: 7771 Shalestone Way; Reno, Nevada, 89523; 775-342-7278; Owner: Craig Etling-VP

Fallon Golf Course; Golf Course, Restaurant & Bar; Bu: 2655 Country Club Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 1400 Wolf Run Road; Reno, Nevada, 89511; 775-315-0302; Owner: Duncan Golf at Fallon, LLC

Reno Snax; Vending Machine & Office Coffee; Bu & Ma: 800 Stillwater Road Ste 40; Reno, Nevada, 89512; 775-323-3224; Owner: Attn: Richard Schield

SH Bookkeeping; Bookkeeping Service; Bu: 1550 Michelle Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 242; Fallon, Nevada, 89407-0242; 775-426-9375; Owner: Sheila Harris

TJ’S DJ’S; DJ/Karaoke Service, Mobile; Bu & Ma:6724 Jacobs Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-427-9924; Owner: George Bolzle

Note: A closed or terminated business may also be the result of a change in ownership, a name change, a lapse in renewal or relocation.

The City of Fallon has issued the following business licenses in MARCH 2017.

Anna’s Thai Massage Therapy; Massage; 40 East Center Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 304-410-8899; Owner: Khrueafa Owings

Bird’s Window Cleaning; Cleaning; 275 South East Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-294-5525; Owner: Michael Warren Bird

Contreras Cleaning Service; Cleaning; 4800 Reno Highway #81; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-379-7506; Owner: Abigail Contreras Mendoza

Ronald A. Hutchings; Handy Man; 2911 Elizabeth Parkway; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-428-2986; Owner: Ronald A. Hutchings

Iron Anchor Tattoo; Tattoo; 1525-E West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-666-5641; Owner: Cory Collins

Change of Location

Lighthouse Laser; Health; Was: 82 North Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Now: 625 West Williams Avenue Ste B; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-428-1005; Owner: Darity Openshaw

Renown Medical Group-Hematology/Oncology; 801 East Williams Avenue Ste 1101; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-982-2820; Owner: Community Care Services, Inc.

Sierra Manor, Fallon Rentals; Rentals; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 408-386-8728; Owners: Farrokh Yazdi & Valeh Aminian