Depot history carries on |

Depot history carries on

Christine Kuklica
The Depot Casino and Restaurant has been a historical fixture in Fallon since 1987.

The Depot Casino and Restaurant recently celebrated its 27th anniversary after opening its doors in 1987.

Owners Ralph Mills and David Widmer, who also own Widmer and Mills Accounting, saw the need for another casino establishment in the community as well the historic significance of the building.

“We really liked the appeal of the history behind the building,” Mills said. “The train station and the building were apart of Fallon’s history, and we wanted to preserve that and make it available to the community again. We really tired to keep the train theme throughout the building to honor its original purpose.”

The history of the building dates back to the early 1900s — 1907 to be exact — when it first opened as a train station. According to the Depot’s website, in 1924 the train services ended but the Depot store remained open until 1960 when it closed its doors and sat vacant for 20 years. In the early 1980s an entrepreneur purchased the building and had it physically moved across town to Kaiser Street where it was to be remodeled into a bar and restaurant.

On May 1, 1987 the depot was once again seen moving, this time on East Williams Avenue to its current location at 875 West Williams Avenue. Soon after it arrived at this location, Mills and Widmer gave it a beautiful addition to the main building, and it was opened to the public as The Depot Casino & Restaurant.

Since the new millennium, the Depot has seen two additions to the south end of the building that expanded the gaming operations, the latest being completed in December 2007.

Operations Manager Michelle Lyles said the Depot has a relaxed, family atmosphere where employees know patron names.

“We take great pride in making sure our customers feel like family and not just another person visiting our establishment,” Lyles said. “We know them so well that they talk to us about their families. It’s important to us to keep that family atmosphere.”

The Depot offers more than the casino, bar and restaurant, Lyles said. It also has a qwik-stop and a laundromat next door to the Depot building. She said the Depot and laundromat are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Depot has a generator that keeps operations running even when the city loses power.

“We get a lot of business when the power goes out because we’re the only one still open and running,” Lyles said.

Lyle said the public may not know the Depot has the only bingo hall in the community that is open five days a week. She said Wednesday-Saturday bingo starts at 7 p.m., and on Sunday it begins at 2 p.m.

The Depot has more than 200 slot machines. Although it doesn’t offer any table games or players card, the Depot does offer promotions for individuals who play on the slot machine. Lyle said tickets are passed out that offer cash bonuses Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More information on their various promotions can be obtained at the Depot.

Although the Depot has lost its original facade, the history of the building still lingers. Whether it’s from the employees who work there, the names of train stations from around Nevada that hang from the ceiling or the old artifacts that are in and around the building, the Depot still has a lot to offer the Fallon community.

For information on gaming, bingo, promotional events or their restaurant menu, visit or call 775-423-2411.