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The Tenth Judicial District Court issued the following divorces during October 2014.

Adriana Alaniz and Gustavo Barajas.

Kristopher Robert Alexander and Emily Nicole Alexander.

Julie Ann Anderson and Richard James Anderson.

Danilo Aquino Anosa and Patricia Anosa.

Cesar Picar Ansaldo and Emilie Hartendorp Ansaldo.

Randy Alan Artz and Tamara Lynn Artz.

Roberta Jo Bales and Michael Bales.

Cody K. Barham and Marina Barham

Walter Bruce Barr and Marlies Ilse Barr.

Sara Elizabeth Beradino and Johnny Mann.

Mark David Branson and Diana Colleen Branson.

Thomas Anthony Burton and Corrie Alice Burton.

Tonantzin Canestaro-Garcia and Simon Pena.

Doninic S. Colucci and Randi Colucci.

Crystal Lynn Corona and Kevin Robert Absher.

McDonald D. Degenaar and Susie J. Wood.

Amber Drozek and John Drozek.

Andrew Dugan and Kadi Dugan.

Kali Marie Dusheck and Nicholas Newman Dusheck.

Sonya Patricia Ewing and Peter Alan Desimas.

Jason Edward Fenner and Jessie Lee Fenner.

Litho Fayne Fogg and Kyle Vincent Fogg.

Michael Thomas Forsythe and Reva Louise Forsythe.

Kevin Fournier and Karen A. Fournier.

James Glanton and Audria Glanton.

Jamie D. Gordon and George C. Gordon Jr.

Evis Marie Hall and Bryan Raymond Hall.

Michael Anthony Hall and Teresa Hall.

Yolanda Hamada and Paul Richard Camangian.

Lisa Marie Hamilton and Charles Harry Hamilton.

Deborah Lynn Harris and Anthony Luis Torino.

Heather C. Heck and Christopher A. Heck.

Michelle Leanne Hill and Randy Keith Hill.

Marsha Huff and Walter Arnel Huff.

Hung Quoc Huynh and Maria Teresa Huynh.

Sheila Jean Johnson and Mark Johnson.

John Anest Karlas and Sherry Lynn Karlas.

Abbes Korchi and Monika Helendi.

Michel Alexis Lemaire and Michelle Josephine Girard.

Ursel Marcal and Henry Marcal.

Jolene Rose McNeill and Sean Michael McNeill.

James F. Mitchell and Missy Huang Mitchell.

Pedro Napoles-Garcia and Janet Centeno Aguilar.

Cheri L. Nelson and Lonny D. Johnson.

Karl Patrick Ness and Timbra Ness.

Willard F. Pereira and Sherry E. Pereira.

Jacobo Ramirez-Perez and Phoebe Rena Purke Shearer.

Wiley Antonine Robinson and Kim Lovette Robinson.

Blanca Rosas and Ramon Rosas-Rivera.

Alecia Ann Rozier and Jonta Antwan Rozier.

Noam Sadi and Tawney Hallock-Sweet.

Thomas Francis Sercu and Julia Sercu.

Liberty Phillips Serenias and Rolly Octavo.

Shaw Chali and Andrew Shaw.

Dawn Marie Sibley and Juston Ray Sibley.

Tina Louise Stewart and Fredrick Dale Stewart.

Jane Elizabeth Taylor and John Taylor.

William W. Thompson and Sherre Lyne Thompson.

Anthony Thomas Vanausdoll and Lisa Rene Liberi.

Zharah Villanueva and Santiago Villanueva.

Mala Wheatley and Robert Wheatley.

Tammi Laynette Wilkins and Brian Keith Wilkins.

Laralee Wilson and Aaron Scott Wilson.