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The Tenth Judicial District Court issued the following divorces during March 2014.

William W. Adams and Sandra M. Adams.

Matthew Alailima and Karla Alailima.

Jacob Brian Alford and Megan Marie Alford.

Brea Ann Baichtal and Marco Daniel Brito.

Travis J. Brown and Angela R. Brown.

Steve Wallace Carr and Lisa Janine Carr.

Christy Christen and Jeremy Christen

Roxana Elena Cipriano and Dominique Angelo Cipriano.

Jessica Jeanette Cooper and Michael Lee Cooper.

Robert Steven Drakulich and Dorothy Helen Drakulich.

Darren Scott Evans and Christina Marie Evans.

Angelique E. Ford and John Paul Summers.

Bernadette Park Francisco and Miles Richard L. Francisco.

John Bernard Freemon and Cindy Jinzu Freemon.

Christina Leeann Gaster and Samual Scott Glaster.

Ana Luisa Fierro Holguin and Luis Carral-Martinez Delavega.

Robert Rogers Jeffrey and Blane Marie Ledbetter.

Isaiah Shay King and Heather Ann King.

William Ryan Lesch and Kristen Nicole Lesch.

Filipinas Lozano Navales and Javier Ignacio Perez.

Ariel Fransisco C. Osejos and Diana Isela Talvera Valdez.

Mary Suzanne Price and Frank Joseph Tennies.

Fabian Luis Radoslovich and Ana Laura Tourino.

Liliana Manalo Ramos and Erik Mitchell Germano.

Tina H. Reese and Richard P. Reese.

Jaclyn Marie Riccardo and Steve Riccardo.

Jarret Skinner and Breanna Skinner.

Betty Lorane Valine and Ira James Smith.