Documentary focuses on Nevada ranching |

Documentary focuses on Nevada ranching

Producer, Dennis Golden as he directs a shot with KNPB videographer, Alex Muench, near a herd of sheep that narrowly escaped one of the many wild fires that scorched over 800,000 acres in Nevada in 2012..

KNPB Channel 5 broadcasts the fourth installment of the documentary series dealing with the challenges of ranching in Nevada, “Stewards of the Rangeland: Rangeland Under Fire.”

The three-time Telly Award and two-time International Communicator Award-winning series addresses the latest environmental challenges faced by Nevada ranchers such as wild fires, water and grazing rights.

“Rangeland Under Fire” shows Sunday at 7 p.m. and Tuesday at 2 p.m. on channels 5.1, so viewers won’t miss the compelling narrative detailing the Nevada farmers’ elemental battle. Producers Dennis and Gabe Golden document the open-range food producer’s ongoing fight to escape epic wildfires, while battling for resources with wild horses and working on litigation to protect water and grazing rights, all in an effort to succeed in an uphill battle to provide food for the nation.

“The series documents the many obstacles affecting ranchers that people might not be aware of,” said Stewards of the Rangeland co-producer Dennis Golden. “From the fires that rage across the rangeland, to the exploding wild horse population and government regulations that impact livestock and use precious ranching resources, Nevada’s ranchers are faced with challenges that must be overcome to provide food for the region. When the rangeland burns up and the wild horses invade, the rancher livelihood burns up too.”

“’The Stewards of the Rangeland’ series examines compelling stories from the ranchers of the Great Basin that affect all Nevadans whether they live in an urban or rural environment,” said Kurt Mische, president & CEO of KNPB. “The series has the distinction of having earned more awards than any local series in the 30-year history of KNPB, and is an example of the type of high-quality journalism that helps effect change in our nation.”