Does it only happen here? |

Does it only happen here?

What’s with the pajama party? Why do some women wear their pajamas out to shop to the casino and even to restaurants. Does it only happen in Fallon? Not only do they wear their pajamas anywhere and anytime, they dress their children in the same manner. There’s only one word to describe this fashion, it’s tacky. Maybe I’m just not in step with today’s trends.

Some time ago women and young ladies started wearing jeans that have holes in their pant legs from the pockets to their hem. They buy them already torn. That makes no sense to me. They look terrible … in my eyes. It’s tacky.

This isn’t intended to offend. It’s summertime, and I know it’s hot, but women who don’t have the figure should not wear short shorts and tops that don’t cover them appropriately. Maybe no woman should. It’s tacky. Does it only happen here? Probably not, but I seem to see it here more than anywhere else I go.

I am not going to attack tattoos altogether, although I personally don’t care for them; however, it seems to me that some individuals who don’t want to clothe their bodies have more skin on which to place a tattoo. Seems to me if God had wanted our bodies covered in tattoos, we would have been born that way. That sounds like something my mother might say. Too many tattoos all over the body looks terribly tacky. This is happening everywhere, not just in Fallon.

I’ve commented before about men and boys who believe we all want to see their underwear, so they let their pants fall so we can see their Fruit of the Loom, or their shortcomings. It’s more than in bad taste, it’s vulgar, as is wearing T-shirts with four-letter words emblazoned on the front or back. I am not the fashion police as was Joan Rivers, but I have to get this off my chest at least once a year. You’ll just have to live with it.

This fashion tip might save your life. Joggers, bikers and walkers must wear light colors or white at night. Stop wearing black. That’s all I see in Fallon. You can’t be seen while jaywalking across the Reno Highway!

That’s enough for fashion. In Fallon I see many men who think it’s perfectly acceptable to go into a restaurant or casino wearing grease covered clothes, not to mention sporting a dirty face and hands. Others must sit where you have been, fellow, so please clean up your act before you venture out.

Might as well make this my annual pet-peeve column.

You get up from a poker machine you have been playing for hours because you are losing your shirt and before you can get a cup of coffee, some yokel sets down at the machine you just left and hits the royal flush.

You get in the 20-items or less check-out lane at Walmart or some market, because you only have a loaf of bread. In front of you is a couple with at least 40 items. They think they are cute and getting away with something when the husband takes half the groceries and the wife the other half. Damn, that makes me angry. I know this happens all over, but I’m not in those lines, I’m in the line here in Fallon. The checkers are not permitted to say anything. That should be changed

I’ve mentioned this before, but amazingly it’s still happening. No one is listening! I’ll try again. The middle lane on the Reno Highway is a turn lane only! It is not intended to be a merge lane and using it as such can and has caused serious accidents. It is also not a passing lane. A driver the other day got into the turn lane as if he was going to turn then proceed to drive about a half a mile.

Handicap parking spaces are not where you should be returning your shopping carts. There are places especially set aside to return your cart. I have seen handicapped people struggle out of their car and remove carts so they could park in a handicapped space. I’ve seen people dump their cart in a parking space immediately adjacent to the return area! Are we talking lazy or what?

I have to write this column at least once a year. It makes me feel better. I’ll admit it is more like a sermon than a column. Oh well, my mother always wanted me to be a preacher.

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