Dognition is doggone cool |

Dognition is doggone cool

This was a busy week for Watson, my husband and me. We spent time doing cognitive tests designed for dogs. In last week’s article I mentioned Dognition, an online website where you can access your dog’s abilities. I signed up, and we had a lot of fun doing the experiments.

Watson was really happy because he got treats.

There were five experiments, and we spent about 20 minutes a day for five days doing them. We played science-based games that assessed five core dimensions: empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning. The experiments identify the dog’s cognitive style and strategies your dog uses. It was fascinating watching his reactions to the different skills.

The empathy test has two parts, the yawn game and eye contact game. Communication had two parts also, arm pointing and foot pointing. Cunning had three parts which required Watson to resist temptation. Memory had three parts and many trials using treats. Reasoning was the most difficult with two parts, and it required concentration.

When all the tests were finished, we received a 15-page Dognition Profile Report that provided analysis and insight about Watson from some of the world’s top canine experts.

There are nine profile types: Ace, Maverick, Charmer, Socialite, Protodog, Renaissance, Expert, Stargazer, and Einstein. It turns out that Watson is an Ace: He is bonded to his people, can read us like a book, obeys commands, resists temptation and solves problems.

He is a real Sherlock Holmes of dogs, so I guess we named him the wrong name. He should be Sherlock, not Watson. Oh well, it’s elementary my dear Watson. If you are interested in finding out more about your dog, go to


I was fortunate this week to catch Rita Hand answering the phone at CAPS. This is only one of the many things that she does as a volunteer. Rita has volunteered at CAPS since 2012 and her duties are varied. She works at the desk, answers the phone and walks and plays ball with dogs. She told me, “This is so rewarding and fulfilling. I have many friends furry and otherwise.” Hats off to Rita, you make a difference.


This week’s pet personality is Rhoda, who is a cuddly older kitty. She’s a flame point Siamese cross with sky blue eyes. Her idea of heaven is a warm lap because she is a lap pal. Rhoda will steal your heart with her purrfect personality. Come in and meet Rhoda soon because she is waiting to crawl into her perfect pal’s lap.

We have five darling puppies, two girls and three boys eagerly looking for their happy-ever-after home. CAPS’ policy prohibits them from adopting out puppies or kittens under the age of six months to a home with children under five years of age. This is to protect both the children and the animal.


CAPS will be at Walmart tomorrow with our Kissin’ Booth and sweet Ki. St. Pat’s day is just around the corner. Come get a kiss from Ki, and get the luck of the Irish. CAPS also has new designs of hoodies, shirts and other items for you or your honey.

Flower Tree Nursery is raffling a 15-gallon Prairie-Fire crab apple tree. The raffle tickets are available at Flower Tree, and they are $1 for one ticket and $5 for six tickets. Be sure to get your tickets soon. The drawing date will be announced later, and the winner doesn’t have to be present to win.

Be sure to mark Saturday, May 9, on your calendars for our annual Bark in the Park 5K walk/run. Bark in the Park will be held at the fairgrounds. Watch this article for further information.

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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.