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Driving Miss Daisy to Colorado

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Sweet Pea is a perky one-year-old Staffordshire terrier. She’s friendly, loves people and enjoys walking. Sweet Pea walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. She is house trained and ready to go home. Come out and meet her; she’s a bundle of cuteness.

I love a story with a happy ending and this story ends happily for almost everyone.

One of the biggest fears of taking your dog camping is that your dog will go exploring and get lost. That is exactly what happened to Daisy, an adorable beagle.

Fallon is a great place to stop on a camping trip, and when Daisy’s family stopped for the night, Daisy went exploring and never returned. Her family was frantic! They called CAPS, the pound and alerted animal control. Unfortunately, they had no luck locating Daisy.

What was supposed to be a short overnight stay turned into a week. Sadly, they couldn’t stay any longer and had to go home to Colorado. The family hung posters offering a reward of $1,000 for Daisy’s return. They left Fallon broken hearted but hopeful. Months passed and each week Judy, the family’s mom called CAPS hoping for good news.

About six months had passed when Judy called to say she’d had a legitimate phone call from a man in Fallon. She asked Norma Klenakis, who was director of CAPS at the time, to make arrangements for the switch. Norma was reluctant to meet the man alone, because when a reward is offered every scam artist in the world tries to collect the cash.

One common scam is to tell the pet owner that they have their pet and will put them on a plane as soon as the reward is received. The money is sent but there is no pet. For safety, Norma arranged for the sheriff to make the switch for her. She called the man and informed him of the plan. The man never showed up.

The next day Judy called to say a woman, who was the man’s girlfriend, had called to tell her he didn’t show up because there was a warrant for his arrest and he was afraid he’d be arrested. Instead she offered to drive Daisy back to Colorado if they would give her the reward. Judy agreed and Daisy was on her way home.

Everything was coming up Daisies for everyone except the man, who was arrested and jailed.


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