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Faith Lutheran

Nov. 27

Faith Lutheran 43, Clark 23

The Crusaders win their first game of the season at the beginning of the Liberty Tournament in Las Vegas, walking away with three wins and one loss to begin the season.

Jan. 8

Faith Lutheran, 51, Cheyenne, 30

The Crusaders break away from their three game losing streak on the road against Cheyenne and attack the boards.

Jan. 15

Faith Lutheran, 72, Sierra Vista, 26

In their first home court win in several games the Crusaders send Sierra Vista packing with their widest margin of victory in the season thus far.

Jan. 22

Spring Valley, 70, Faith Lutheran, 45

The Crusaders’ first encounter with the former Nevada state champions ended with a loss, followed by two more to the Grizzlies later in the season.

Feb. 2

Faith Lutheran, 60, Western, 45

The Crusaders come out ahead of long time proximity rivals from Las Vegas after restoring their winning streak since losing to Spring Valley.

Feb. 4

Faith Lutheran, 63, Cheyenne, 46

After beginning the second half of their season the Crusaders prove they can conquer Cheyenne on the road as well.

Feb. 8

Faith Lutheran, 60, Sierra Vista, 52

The Mountain Lions’ last chance at revenge before the regionals fall short and the Crusaders maintain a winning streak.

Feb. 10

Faith Lutheran, 67, Clark, 15

The Crusaders celebrate their second widest margin of win all season since their first game against Sierra Vista in the first half of the season.

Feb. 12

Faith Lutheran, 37, Mojave 23

The Crusaders hold onto their No. 2 seed in the Sunset League in their last game before the regionals against Mojave.

Feb, 16

Faith Lutheran 64, Moapa Valley 33 Moapa Valley

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

The Crusaders’ quarterfinal matchup with the Pirates tips in their favor with a sizeable lead in the second half. Faith Lutheran advances to the semifinals.

Feb. 18

Faith Lutheran 72, Chaparral 56 @ Chaparral

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

Meeting at Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas, the Crusaders advance to the final game of the Sunset League to determine seeding for the state championship.

Feb. 20

Spring Valley 63, Faith Lutheran 46

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

The Crusaders suffer their third and last loss of the season to the Grizzlies, the No. 1 seed in the Sunset League whom they may have a chance to face again should Faith Lutheran defeat Lowry from Northern D1-A.

Information compiled by LVN Sports Editor Mike Sciandra.