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Fallon cadets experience Marine Corps training

Christine Kuklica
JROTC students who attended a week of training at Camp Pendleton in Southern California take a photo with three Marines (in green) who worked with them throughout the week.

The Churchill County Junior ROTC students recently had the opportunity to experience what the military has to offer.

Retired Command Master Chief Donn S. Sheldon said the cadets were invited from April 12-18 to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (Calif.) for the third year that allowed them to appreciate the opportunities the military could offer them.

“The week-long event was similar to an orientation for the students that showed them what military life could be like,” Sheldon said. “It allowed them to develop an appreciation for the military and the men and women who decide to serve.”

Students who participated in the trip had to pay $150 and have a C or higher for grades.

“This trip is probably the best one I’ve been on in my 13 years,” Sheldon said. “These kids are great, and they made the trip so fun.”

Sheldon said the students stayed in the open bay barracks (an open room with many beds) on base and ate their meals in the chow halls. He said the students attended different training activities throughout the days, some interactive and some observation.

JROTC senior Jonathan Grimes said a big part of the training was to build teamwork. He said the training at the base, staying in the open bay barracks and singing on the bus accomplished a connection that allowed for successful teamwork.

“It was a great experience for everyone,” Aaron Imeson said. “We trained with each other, working out situations and having fun while doing it. We were even able to train with Marines who work on the base.”

Grimes stated being able to interact and talk to the Marines gave them a greater insight to what military life would be like since they were talking to people who are currently living that life.

Emily Scott said the group was exposed to a variety of situations from combat convoys, K-9s, medical and obstacle courses, to name a few.

“When we were working with the combat convoys, we were able to learn how to operate the radio to communicate with one another,” Grimes said. “But when using the radios, we had to make sure we weren’t cutting other people off by talking at the same time they were. So teamwork came into play during that exercise.”

Savannah Hughes emphasized the events were based on teamwork. She said the training truly showed her what it would be like to be in the military.

One students who plans to enlist in the Navy said this is the second time he’s been on the trip. Chad Martin said these trips allow him to see part of what is entailed when joining the Navy, which helped him decide to enlist when finished with school.

Spencer Kemmet said the week in Camp Pendleton was the first time he’s been on a military base.

“It was very interesting and different than what I am use too,” he said. “It really allowed me to see what day-to-day life would be if I decided to join the military. It was a really good experience for me.”

The students were exposed to going to bed and waking up at a certain time. They also took part in fire watch, which is when individuals rotate shifts to stay up during the night.

Since the students dedicated themselves to a rough week, Sheldon decided that all work and no play wasn’t the way to go, so the students were taken to Universal Studios for a day. All of the students had the same feeling about Universal Studios … “it was awesome.”