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Fallon girl crowned Junior Miss NUI Powwow Princess

Special to the LVN
Ciabi Dick was recently crowned Junior Miss NUI Powwow Princess.

Ciabi Dick, 11 years old, was recently crowned at the NUI (Nevada Urban Indians) Powwow at Wooster High School. At the pageant, Ciabi did a presentation on the importance of the tule plant and cattail plant. She sold raffle tickets to help support the powwow and introduced herself in the Numu language as part of her princess competition. One of the questions from the judges was about her future, and she replied that she would like to be a American Indian teacher to the youth.

Ciabi attends Churchill County Middle School and is proud of her participation in the Native club known as Vision Quest. She attends many powwows with her family and dances Northern Traditional style. She also enjoys school sports such as basketball and volleyball.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara congratulated Ciabi on being crowned the new Junior Miss NUI Powwow Princess. Ciabi sent a letter to the secretary of state thanking her for a Certificate of Recognition:

“I am a Numu which is the original peoples renamed Paiutes. My people are very well known for the use of the tule and cattail plants. My dad has been teaching me how important these plants were in the past and are still important today. Many people are interested in learning about Native traditions.

“It is a lot of fun when I go with my family to gather plants, hunt and cut wood. I am happy to dance at ceremonies and at powwows and am thankful to be chosen to represent the Nevada Urban Indians crown for one year. I was chosen princess from me introducing myself in my Numu language, my presentation on the tule plant and ticket sale. I have been dancing the Northern Traditional style ever since I could walk and I was taught to dance for my people, the plants and the animals.

“I was told that my Hootsie (Grandmother Betty Burns) was one of the original members who started the Nevada Urban Indians. It would be nice if you would join my family and me at a powwow sometime.”