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Fallon man not guilty in sex display

Steve Puterski
Anthony Sanchez

A Fallon man accused of exposing himself during a sexual encounter on the steps of the Churchill Arts Council was found not guilty in a trial last week in District Court.

Anthony Sanchez, 49, said his attorney, Jacob Sommer, proved to the jury Sanchez never exposed himself during the alleged romp in March.

He was charged with one count of indecent or obscene exposure, a gross misdemeanor with a sentence of up to one year in the Churchill County Jail.

But the rumor mill soon started after Sanchez’s arrest, and led some to approach him and ask why he was arrested for having sex with children. Those rumors stunned Sanchez and led him into seclusion.

Sanchez and Donna Deroche, 48, participated in the encounter, although it was proven Sanchez never exposed himself. Deroche was arrested after authorities discovered her with her pants down. She pleaded guilty in July and received a one-year suspended sentence, although she was ordered to serve 90 days in jail.

According to the police report, Sanchez and Deroche were engaged in questionable behavior across the parking lot from the Oats Park baseball field as children were at practice.

That footnote, Sanchez said, started the rumors of him assaulting children.

Parents and off-duty sheriff’s deputies contacted police, who then confronted the two. Sanchez, who was clothed, said he questioned officers to why he was being arrested.

Upon the explanation, Sanchez, who was drunk at the time, said he lobbed expletives at the officers and he was booked into the jail.

Sanchez, though, admitted his drinking problem aided in his questionable decisions, but said he is now in recovery attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and church regularly.

Sanchez said Sommer was honest about the case from the beginning. According to Sanchez, Sommer said the case did not look good from the outside, but he would fight for Sanchez.

Sommer hammered away during the trial and secured a not guilty verdict.

“A lot of credit goes to my attorney,” Sanchez said.

Now, Sanchez is focusing on turning his life around, maintaining his faith and getting back to work as a hairdresser.

“I will get back on track and do God’s work,” he said. “I want the public to be able to trust me again.”

In court news —

Camron Dolan appeared Thursday in Justice Court on four felony charges.

Dolan faces one count of burglary, grand larceny ($650-$3,500), conspiracy to commit grand larceny more than $350 and one count of a habitual criminal.

He was appointed Jacob Sommer, and his next hearing has yet to be scheduled.

Dolan is accused of stealing a 50-inch flat-screen TV, a PlayStation 3 and a Churchill County High School class ring on Feb. 14.