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Fallon man seeks help because of fire

Steve Ranson
Bryan Myers' quest to open a shop on Center Street was destroyed by fire in mid-November. Myers has set up a GoFundMe site to assist him with expenses.


A GoFundMe account for Brian Myers may be found at https://www.gofundme.com/wagon-wheel-thrift-store.

A mid-November fire in freezing temperatures has left a Fallon man feeling hopeless.

Brian Myers had been living in a building occupying 45-65-75 Center Street next to the Elks Lodge until a fire broke out early in the morning of Nov. 14. The fire department’s fire marshal said it appears the fire began due to tobacco.

“The fire appears to be accidental,” said Mitch Young. “The cause is undetermined, but it appears most likely it’s the improper disposal of smoking material.”

Myers, though, remains hopeful he can rebuild from the fire.

“My goal was to get off disability and support my own self,” Myers said before the fire gutted out the back third of the building.

Myers has occupied the building since September.

Myers’s dog woke him and another man up in the pitch-black darkness of that Monday morning. The smoke became stronger, causing them to leave the building. Myers said he walked across the street to the police station and notified the fire department.

Myers had been saving clothing and other items, and he wanted to establish a small thrift shop so he could be self-sufficient. Myers said the destruction of many items he put away for sale has been heartbreaking. Up until that time, Myers said the people had been kind with their donations.

“I have struggled since day one,” he said. “I have been trying to hire a contractor to fix the problems.

Up until a few days ago, Myers had been staying in a small travel trailer behind the building, but he said the police department asked him to move it. Because he can’t afford any rent without money coming in, Myers is sleeping in the building, which has no heat or electricity. Myers, however, said he has water.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Myers at https://www.gofundme.com/wagon-wheel-thrift-store.