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Fallon Swing Competition team brings home honors

Staff Report
Back row: Ben Polish, Jefrey Horne, Matthew Sorensen, Keith Mason, Samuel Sorensen, Andrew Kelsey, Davis Benecke and Matthew Catlin. Front row: Sophia Behimer, Abbey Pike, Melanie Plasse, Madison Blea, Jordan Moon, Meagan Trinidad, Ashley Sorensen, Iliana Hockenberry-Grimes, Myrella Ramos and Ericka Heath.

Members of the

Gem State National Team Dance Championships:

1st place: Youth Swing Division 2 “Friend Like Me”

1st place: Youth Novelty Division 2 “River Dance”

Gem State National Syllabus Competition:

Youth Newcomer Cha Cha: 5th place: Samuel Sorensen & Ashley Sorensen

Youth Bronze Cha Cha: 5th place: Keith Mason & Melanie Plasse

Youth Silver Cha Cha: 5th place: Davis Benecke & Madison Blea

Youth Bronze Waltz: 1st place: Davis Benecke & Jordan Moon; 5th place: Keith Mason & Sophia Behimer; 4th place: Jefrey Horne & Madison Blea

Youth Bronze Rhumba: 4th place: Davis Benecke & Melanie Plasse

Youth Bronze Quick Step: 1st place: Jefrey Horne & Melanie Plasse; 2nd place: Davis Benecke & Iliana Hockenberry-Grimes; 3rd place: Keith Mason & Abbey Pike; 4th place: Andrew Kelsey & Madison Blea

The Competition Team along with the Junior Swing Team is working very diligently on an exciting new dance. They will be performing it for the first time at the Spring Showcase at 6 p.m. May 11 in the CCHS Gym. Tickets will be sold for $5 at the door, children 3 & under are free. Winners from Dancing With The Stars and the other local swing teams will be performing.