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Fallon trash service start-up offers local touches for many Churchill County residents

Aly Lawson
Tumbleweed Garbage Disposal owner Richard Schwall invested in a side-loading garbage truck for maximum efficiency, since only a driver is needed to operate the vehicle.
Aly Lawson / LVN |

Tumbleweed Garbage Disposal, LLC, is making trash collection more local.

Owner and manager Richard Schwall was a paramedic for 30 years before starting the weekly residential garbage collection service — to provide a courteous, efficient trash service for local residents by a local business. (It also provides the 96-gallon trashcan.)

“I was hearing lots of complaints out in the community (about) Waste Management,” Schwall said. “There’s been a very good response.”

Schwall said of the endeavor, he has between 200-300 customers already. The business opened this month.

Tumbleweed is receiving two or three calls every day as it grows, he said. He has a good truck and will be looking for another shortly as well as staff down the line. He also said he has been figuring out the routes, and that’s going well too.

Schwall mentioned what’s discussed on the phone with customers is what goes on the bill, unlike what can happen more often with large corporations.

“We’re a local business so it’s kind of nice; people can call up and actually talk to a person who lives here and works here,” he said.

Schwall added if customers have an extra couple trash bags outside the can now and then, it’s fine — but to keep away from any substantial yard waste such as tree branches and large bushes. He said some customers use an extra, smaller can as well that’s fine too.

Monthly ($22), quarterly ($63) and annual ($240) payments are available with senior (ages 65 and older) and active duty military customer discounts as follows: monthly ($21), quarterly ($60) and annually ($228).

Call 775-426-8265 or email tumbleweedgarbage.rick@gmail.com to sign up.

“It’s a lot different than what we’re used to and we’re pretty excited about it,” Schwall said of he and his family. “We’re just out there to give the community the best service we can provide for a reasonable price, and hopefully we’ll keep picking up more people and build the business — and keep it local and hometown so to speak.”