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Fallon Wants Fallon social media campaign stirs up fun

Aly Lawson | alawson@lahontanvalleynews.com
Fallon Hughes, CCHS JROTC student, poses with "Jimmy Fallon" in Fallon.

Playing on the name the city of Fallon shares with the Tonight Show talk-show host, Jimmy Fallon, the Lahontan Valley News and community have been teaming up to infuse some playfulness into daily life.

Any individual or organization interested is encouraged to join in on the current social media campaign connected by the hashtag #FallonWantsFallon. Mayor Ken Tedford, the Fallon Chamber of Commerce, Churchill County School District, Churchill Economic Development Authority, Downtown Merchants Association and Naval Air Station Fallon, as well as numerous local businesses, are participating in the entertainment.

“I think it creates that community interest,” Tedford said. “It increases quality of life.”

You can pick up a “Jimmy Fallon head” (on a stick) at the LVN office at 37 S. Maine St., or you can make your own using a Getty image — then enjoy taking selfies with him across Fallon, preferably at interesting, comical or beautiful landmarks and locations that feature our community.

Then, upload the photo or video to Instagram (or your preferred social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter). Include the hashtag #FallonWantsFallon in the caption. Other hashtags that can be used are #FallonLovesFallon, #FallonShouldVisitFallon, #JimmyFallon and #FallonNV.

Participants also can tag the LVN (@FallonNews) and Jimmy Fallon (@JimmyFallon), as well as the place where the image was shot. Anyone can follow the campaign online via Instagram under @FallonNews.

Using Twitter (@FallonNews) and Facebook (@LahontanValleyNews) is fine too. Please make sure posts are public. And remember to keep posts appropriate. If Snapchat is a favorite, save and send your Snap of Fallon in Fallon to alawson@lahontanvalleynews.com. Or if you don’t use social media but want to contribute, just email.

Last but not least, a package filled with Fallon items will soon be on its way, tracked across the country to the late night show’s studio 6B offices at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The goal is to have fun. The pipedream is to have the celebrity’s team take notice and engage with our community, maybe even visit and enjoy the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair, as well as a jet ride-along at Naval Air Station Fallon.


Contact Aly Lawson at the LVN with any questions at 775-423-6041, ext. 6.