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Farewell to Striker the working dog

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Looking for a home: Lilly, a border collie mix, is four years old. She is great with dogs and loves children. Lily has spent most of her life in a kennel, so she needs a home with someone who will spend time house training her. She is extremely smart and very sweet.

Megan (Munoz) Kendall is one of the most impressive young women I have ever known. She was my student in first grade, and she graduated from Churchill County High School in 2002.

This was a sad week for Megan because her incredible boxer named Striker went over the Rainbow Bridge.

Striker wasn’t just a pet. For the past seven years, Striker and Megan have been members of Indiana K9 Search and Recovery.

In 2015, he was certified in Human Remains Detection (HRD) through the International Police Work Dog Association. The volunteer search unit is used free of charge by law enforcement in the Midwest, where Megan resides.

Her unit trains 150 hours a year, which is three Saturdays a month. Certifying a canine in HRD usually takes two years of training. Striker took almost four years.

HRD canines are dogs who look for the scent left by human, remains and decomposition. These dogs are trained to find only human, not animal, remains. The dogs and their handlers are generally partnered with law enforcement and are used to solve cases or provide closure for families. They are utilized in wilderness, water and disaster situations.

The training is extremely rigorous and demanding for both dog and handler. There are many phases of the training, and each one takes months or years for mastery. The dog and trainer must work as a unit, with each one understanding the other’s expectations. The test to become a certified HRD dog is as rigorous as the training. It includes basic obedience skills and a timed search for the dog to find a specific number of cadaver articles in a search area larger than an acre.

Several factors determine if the dog passes the test. They will fail if they cannot pass the obedience portion of the test or if the dog indicates there are human remains and there are none.

Failure also occurs if they don’t find all articles of human remains and the handler determined the area was clear or the time limit runs out before all the articles were found.

Striker aced the certification test and went on to serve his community. He was a hero who loved his job and was loved by everyone who met him. His star burns bright in heaven now!


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