Following the birds on their migratory path |

Following the birds on their migratory path

Photos by Steve Ranson
Design by Laci Thompson
Marie Gaspari Crawford, a falconer for 15 years, holds Dartanyon, a 7-year-old Hawk who wooed his admirers.

The 18th annual Spring Wings Festival celebrated the return of thousands of migratory birds to the Lahontan Valley.

The festival highlights the array of birds that seek refuge in the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge while on their Pacific migratory path. Each year more than a quarter of a million birds can be seen in peak migration time between April and June at the refuge, declared a “Globally Important Bird Area” by the American Bird Conservancy.

The festival offered two tours of the Lahontan Valley and featured a number of experts and activities to bring more awareness to birds and to their habitat.

The Pacific Flyway Decoy Association — whose members are more artists than hunters these days — presented a workshop on carving decorative shorebird decoys.